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We are a company of Ruby on Rails Experts which practicing Agile Methodologies in software development process. We are expert in Test-Driven Development, User-Centered Design, Pair Programming and Elegant Codes to reduce application lifecycle costs and improve overall productivity.

About Us

We are Ruby on Rails, iOS and Android experts.

41studio is ruby on rails development company that leverages the cutting edge technology to rapidly build web or mobile applications. We love to work in agile way for a whole host of clients to improve their business efficiency and provide a competitive advantage.

We expert in test-driven development, user-centered design, pair programming and best practice standard quality code to reduce application lifecycle costs and improve overall productivity.

Meet Our Ruby on Rails Developers

We believe in every big project, there is solid and reliable people. Get to know our Ruby on Rails Experts behind every awesome product creations.

Hendra Nicholas, CEO | 41studio

Hendra Nicholas


Ahmad Juniar, IT Support | 41studio

Ahmad Juniar

IT Support

Andika Pahlawan, Web & Graphic Designer | 41studio

Andika Pahlawan

Web & Graphic Designer

Didi Rudiat, Web Developer | 41studio

Didi Rudiat

Web Developer

Tommy Aviantara, General Manager | 41studio

Tommy Aviantara

General Manager

Dodi Setiawan, Web Developer | 41studio

Dodi Setiawan

Web Developer

Ervina Anggraeni, Web Developer | 41studio

Ervina Anggraeni

Web Developer

Fajar Saputro Juliantoro, Web & Graphic Designer | 41studio

Fajar Saputro Juliantoro

Web & Graphic Designer

Fauzi Rachman, Web Developer | 41studio

Fauzi Rachman

Web Developer

Firman Brillian, Web Developer | 41studio

Firman Brillian

Web Developer

Kautsar Tubagus Aji, Mobile Developer | 41studio

Kautsar Tubagus Aji

Mobile Developer

Michel Irarya, Business Development Executive | 41studio

Michel Irarya

Business Development Executive

Mochamad Rizki, Web Developer | 41studio

Mochamad Rizki

Web Developer

Muhammad Andi, Mobile Developer | 41studio

Muhammad Andi

Mobile Developer

Muhammad Rahmatullah, Web Developer | 41studio

Muhammad Rahmatullah

Web Developer

Purnama Nur Rachman, Web Developer | 41studio

Purnama Nur Rachman

Web Developer

Raka Mahardika, Mobile Developer | 41studio

Raka Mahardika

Mobile Developer

Rosmiati Rosmiati, Administration Staff | 41studio

Rosmiati Rosmiati

Administration Staff

Radiet Billahirabba, Web Developer | 41studio

Radiet Billahirabba

Web Developer

Samsul Ramdan, Web Developer | 41studio

Samsul Ramdan

Web Developer

Wahyu Dwicahyo Prakoso, Web & Graphic Designer | 41studio

Wahyu Dwicahyo Prakoso

Web & Graphic Designer

syechru syechru,  | 41studio

syechru syechru

widi Noviyanti, Web Developer | 41studio

widi Noviyanti

Web Developer

We Are Hiring!!

Our team consist of the awesome and friendly people. Smart is definitely necessary, but crazy and fun also needed as only crazy people can buzz crazy idea! Our team has opportunity to take your competencies grow up. Not only work with our team but also learn and thrive together with us.

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