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/blog/2018/proof-of-concept-prototype-minimum-viable-product | 41studio

What is the difference that separate Proof of Concept, Prototype, and Minimum Viable Product?

/blog/2017/10-most-important-people-in-programming | 41studio

"You can't trust code that you did not totally create yourself." - Ken Thompson-

/blog/2017/20-perusahaan-it-information-and-technology-di-bandung | 41studio

Bandung bukan hanya soal suasana yang sejuk dan asri, tapi juga soal kreatifitas khususnya di dunia digital. 20 perusahaan di bidang IT ini adalah buktinya.

/blog/2017/which-programming-language-is-the-most-popular-in-2017 | 41studio

Because your time is that precious to find out which is the best programming language to learn in this year, we made the list for you.