Comet Programming Play SSE with Ruby on Rails

Comet is a web application model in which a long-held HTTP request allows a web server to push data to a browser, without the browser explicitly requesting it. Comet is an umbrella term, encompassing multiple techniques for achieving this interaction. All these methods rely on features included by default in browsers, such as JavaScript, rather than on non-default plugins.

11 Types of Websites

There are interesting phenomenon in the world of IT today, especially in website development world. If years ago only few people or institution which have website, but now everyone and every institution can make website easily and cheap, then come out many kinds of websites with various benefits and purposes. Various kinds of websites you can build for your own purpose to be exist in the world without responsibility to go out from home, you just have to have a computer or laptop and internet connection, and of course a website

jQuery for Basic and Tips for It

JQuery was designed to change the way you write javascript. Before you start studying jQuery, you should have a basic knowledge about the HTML, CSS and Javascript. Then to start studying jQuery, you need to download jquery.js from site Each time you write code using jquery javascript, don’t forget to include jquery.js file into your javascript code. jQuery has the slogan “write less, do more”. Lot of people use JQuery for project because it fast and light to handle HTML documents, handle events, make animations and the interaction ajax.

10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Site Through Link Building

Link building is one of the easiest methods for branding your website or blog through internet. By doing link building people wish to have their website or blog well indexed in search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. As link building is one of the SEO methods which is simple enough to be practiced. Here I would like to share 10 easy ways to promote your site. You can raise a link like create a blog,iInternal linking, resiurces,etc.