What We Shouldn’t Do as A Leader

Sometimes people have problem with their boss or leader, while I prefer to say it leader, because boss is a different story. When we sometimes hate our leader, perhaps we should learn how to be a good leader and not to be someone we hate in the past. Here’s the info you may like when you are a leader, or perhaps you can share it with your leader. Being a leader should be fair to every employee. A leader must be a role model that the employee misses.

When You Should “Give Up” from Your Company

There are many companies in this world and also in your area which probably give you more comfortable feeling. Many companies which can give you better impact for yourself such as, good salary, support, facilities, etc. Maybe you think that the push given by your superior is too much and unfair. Things to consider includegood salary, health insurance, room to grow, etc.

Why is SEO feel harder for small business?

SEO is very hard for small business to develop. It is because small business has nothing like large business. Small business commonly has less money to focus on their SEO. Real SEO person takes a lot of time. Big companies hire dedicated SEO with no excuses. SEO experts know exactly how to live and breath search has time and incentive to follow competitor’s publications and keep up with the rapidly changing search landscape