Why your website should be responsive

Why your website should be responsive

Why your website should be responsive

In this digital age, people can easily get information using the internet. But, people are no longer just searching the web on a desktop – they are using laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs. It means that your website will be viewed from all different mediums and therefore you need to ensure that the design is responsive.

Smartphone development becomes one of the factors why a website should have a responsive design. Currently almost 59% of internet users access a website via the internet, so no wonder if responsive website design becomes one of the main needs that must be owned by every website.

Why your website should be responsive?

    1. Search engine optimization
      So not only are more users consuming information on the web on a mobile device, more importantly they are searching for your products & services in that environment as well. With more than 100 billion searches on Google every month, Google has responded to this shift in consumer behavior by altering their search algorithms, which now reward websites that are “mobile-friendly” with better search results.
    2. Better  User Experience
      If you have ever tried to navigate a non-mobile-friendly website on your smartphone you can quickly experience what prospective clients are going through when trying to do business with you, if you have yet to make the transition. Viewing text and images, clicking on navigation elements and more importantly attempting to convert by filling out a form is next to impossible.
    3. Landing or “Squeeze” Pages are More Effective
      By insuring that your website can be viewed effectively on a mobile device, you stand a better chance at catching users toward the end of their buying decision. 92% of people who search for a product or service on a mobile device make a purchase within a day. In addition, mobile squeeze pages work even more effectively because they are typically presented without other distracting links or buttons to click on, that you might see in a desktop version.
    4. Stronger Social Strategy
      It has been estimated that 60% of time spent on a mobile device is on social media… so if your company is doing a good job of engaging your clients and prospects on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. when they hit the link to your website to take the next step, how effective do you think it will be if they see a non-mobile, tiny version of your website. Complete the process by having a responsive squeeze page to convert that social visitor to a qualified lead for your sales team!
    5. Stay ahead of the competition
      While there are many businesses and organizations that have made the transition to a responsive format, the majority, especially small and medium sized businesses, have not addressed it… (44% of Fortune 500 companies are not mobile-ready).

As a Ruby On Rails and Mobile App Development Company, 41studio understand how important the design matter! that’s why we offer you the web design service to make your website and or mobile apps look more interesting and attractive when visitors come by. Tell us what look you like or simply trust us to make it different based on your business goals.


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