Tips to Name Your App

In addition to functional and easy to use, there are other factors that affect the success of an application is the selection of a name. A great name makes the all-important first impression, When creating an app, choosing an app name is usually a problem for most people. Creating a good and easy-to-remember app name is not an easy thing to do.

Here are tips to name your App

1. Hint at functionality

The good name of an application can tell the user the usefulness of the application automatically and clearly. One technique that can be used in choosing the right application name is you need to consider what the user thinks of your application. This technique can help convert the impression of potential users to the install activity.Select the name in accordance with the application function.

2. Don’t be a copycat


If you want to get luck from your app, be a trendsetter. Do not be a copycat. Moreover the trendsetter in the context of ideas, ideas and creativity think. You must appear to be something different for your app.

To be an inspirator is much better than to invite others to do good, right?

3.  Use real words

When choosing an app name, you should avoid names that have many writing alternatives. Suppose if you want to name the “Phaser” app, one might think “Fazer” or “Faser”. A difficult spelling and almost the same as another name also makes your app hard to find if there are customers who want to search using search engines on the internet.


4. Check no one else is using it

The important thing to remember is to make sure that the name of your app is not already in use, and do not use a name that is too similar to other apps and does not take too long just to find trademarked names that others have given trademarks. Get the exact name in accordance with what you imagine in your application.


5. Take your Time

Although there is no way to make your app a success and pocket a lot of money, you still have to make your app name memorable in people’s ears and follow the times. So, the time you do to make the application is not in vain and to be able to grow continuously.

Source Creativebloq

Those are some tips to name your app. Are you having trouble naming your application or interested in making an app? We are ready to help, 41studio can create the Web applications and  Mobile applications of your own and give you a great experience in exploring the technology through your hands.

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