Hendra Nicholas I am a software engineer, consultant and CEO at 41studio currently living in West Java, Indonesia. My interests range from programming to sport. I am also interested in entrepreneurship, technology, and design.

Software Houses in Indonesia

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Software Houses in Indonesia

The development of IT in Indonesia is very rapid. To take advantage of these developments, many software houses that emerging.
Software house is a company that provides services in serving reservations, making software or applications in accordance with the wishes of the client. However, not infrequently also a software house to make an application or software that is common such as store applications, supermarkets, rental and so forth.

There are several software house in Indonesia that ready to help you.

1. 41studio

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41studio provides customized solutions for web development and mobile apps development. Which focusing on ruby on rails, nodejs, ios and android development. We practicing agile methodologies on every software development project we build. As an agile software development company, we are expert in Test-Driven Development (TDD), Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), User-Centered Design, Pair Programming and write the elegant code following the Best Practice standard and Convention Over Configuration concept.For all the business you need. 41studio located on Ruko Setra Mas Residence Cimahi West Java. Currently 41studio is opening job vacancy as web developer, web designer, and graphic designer. If you are a high creativity and want to work with us, for more information you can visit us at 41studio.

2. Bridgetech

PT Intersolusi Teknologi Asia known as Bridge Technology Services is a reliable Software House in Indonesia. Using the most advance and suitable technology, Bridgetech is able to develop and deploy a new vertical solution faster with the vast range of services for all industries. Established in 2008, this company strive to develop and transform bricks-and-mortar business into the modern e-business with greater efficiency and effectiveness. As a software developer and publisher, Bridgetech offer a solution to increase your company productivity using the latest technology. Located on Jalan Dangdeur Indah III No 5, Bandung – West Java , Indonesia 40163 or you can visit at Bridgetech for more information.

3. Technosindo

Technology Solutions Indonesia, an Information Technology company focuses on Software & Web Development, Hosting & Domain Solution, and Mobile Application Development. Many services in scope of Information Technology are provided by Technology Solutions Indonesia also known as Technos or Technosindo. We specialize in delivering low-cost and high-quality solutions, such as Computer Software, Web Development, and of course, customized application per user request. Founded as a large startup company with five founders, Technosindo has grown up from a large dorm room, into a considerable company in Semarang Area. Our vision is to be an International-class company with highest quality possible. For more information you can visit Technosindo.

4. Zsoft

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Zsoft is a software house consisting of professionals who provide software development services for desktop, web, and mobile.
Zsoft also provide several ready-to-use software packages that are ready and suitable to be implemented in small, medium, and large companies. Located on Sentra Niaga 3 Timur Blok A 3 no. 43 Bulevar Hijau Kota Harapan Indah, Bekasi Barat 17131, Indonesia. You can visit Zsoft.

5. Erasoft Indonesia

Erasoft Indonesia established as a software House company in Jakarta in 1988. With the support of 10 computer experts, Erasoft initially focused on developing Erasoft Business Application Software and providing ERP software solutions. Nowdays, PT Erasoft Indonesia is supported by over 100 experienced and certified Software experts who works software Development on a full-time basis to serve thousands of corporate customers. Located on Jl. Alaydrus No.37, RT.2/RW.2, Petojo Utara, Gambir, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10130. For more information visit Erasoft.

6. Mitrais

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Mitrais has two business lines – Software Development Services and Software Product Services. Mitrais provides various Software Development capabilities including Microsoft, Mobile, Web, Java, etc. The Product Service includes the deployment and support of the leading Software Products targeting the Mining and Health Sectors. This activity is supported by the best in-class human resource management system and integrated engagement model. Mitrais is software development company with offices in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Bali. In business since 1991, Mitrais have written software or installed systems for nearly 500 clients.Located at Jalan Prof. Drg. Surya Sumantri No.8-D, Sukawarna, Sukajadi,Bandung, West Java 40164, for more information you can visit Mitrais.

7. Balixtone

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Balixton is a software development house that specialises in development for the SMME business.
Balixtone’s mission is to be known as the go to company for your software development requirements and consulting. To be the company that always gives you honest advice and the simplest solution for your needs. To assist the SME take their business to the next level. For more information visit at Balixtone.

8. YK Digital

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YKdigital has 3 branches in Jakarta, Jogja, and Surabaya. YK Digital is a software house with ammunition of professional young programmers who have the same passion to develop the digital industry. YK Digital focuses on the creation / development of both Web Based Software, as well as mobile apps like Android and iOS. You can visit YK Digital for more information.

9. Javan Cipta Solusi

JAVAN provides software development services for hundreds of clients such as BTPN, SC Johnson, Telkom Sigma and others. JAVAN also create many startups such as NGOMIK.com, Hartaku.com, NGASONG.com and others. Located on Gg. III, Cicaheum, Cicendo, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40174, and for more information visit Javan Cipta Solusi.

10. Erhacorp

Erhacorp established as a software House company in Jakarta in 2004. With the support of 10 computer experts, this company initially focused on developing General Business Application Software, providing ERP and Mobile software solution. Erhacorp bussines goes with two majors division, one of ERP software web-base and the other one is Mobile software JAVA, Android & iPhone platform. Android team for development & trainer. Our Google Market link Android Market Erhacorp. If you have any questions about Erhacorp and want to know the detailed profile, you can visit Erhacorp.

Those are Software house in Indonesia. Don’t forget to inform us if you know the additional Software house throughout the comment section below.

Hendra Nicholas I am a software engineer, consultant and CEO at 41studio currently living in West Java, Indonesia. My interests range from programming to sport. I am also interested in entrepreneurship, technology, and design.