POC vs Prototype vs MVP

POC vs Prototype vs MVP

As a startup owner, you may struggle to decide whether creating proof of concept (POC), prototype, or minimum viable product (MVP) is the right route for your software development project.
By understanding these 3 different methods, you will know which method suit your current project's phase as well as increasing the chance of success of your product launch.

1. Proof of Concept (POC)

A POC is a smaller project, used by startup company internally to verify a certain concept or theory that can be achieved in development. The main purpose of this method is to prove that the principle concept is viable, so usability is not considered at all because it might be interfere the main purpose of proof of concept.

2. Prototype

The main purpose of a prototype is to show how the product will be done, unlike the POC's is to show that the product can be done. A product prototype is a working and interactive model of the product communicating the usage of the product to the stakeholders in order to maximize the efficiency of the development process. Discovering errors early is another main purpose of the prototype, which will save you costs in the long run.

3. Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

An MVP is a minimal form of your complete product which is tested in the market. The main purpose is to learn how the market react to your product, before wasting a lot of money and resourcers building something the market do not want. An MVP is usually referred to as the alpha version of the product.
Source: Clearbridge Mobile
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