How to make an app

How to make an app

The use of applications at this time is very rapid, especially in the field of business, bring benefits and the efficiency of people. Employees who work on the mobile can be helped by the existence of business applications or to always connect with other employees.

1. Understand what people need


The first step is understand what people need. You can identify, survey or research related to the problems of many people. It takes carefulness to be able to see the problems that exist in the midst of a society that can roughly be used as a business field.
For example, an online transport application because people need more flexible and adequate transportation.


2. Make an idea


If we want to build a startup and become an application maker, it should all start with an idea. Without the idea, the application or any project can be done. So it takes a lot of ideas on this business.Because there are so many applications that appears, you should be able to find something new but also still interesting, so that users still want to re-use the applications you create repeatedly.

3. Planning and analysis.

You have a good idea of what your app will look like, what every element should do, now it’s time to make a planning and analysis of your app that consists problems, Application goals, solutions, why your idea is different, market share, and business model.

4. Wireframe

Wireframing is an important step in the screen design process. Especially allows you to define your design information hierarchy, making it easier for you to plan the layout according to how your users process information.

5. Start to building your app

This is the time you started turn your idea into an app.Starting with making the system design of the application in detail and in accordance with the initial concept.
If the system is complete, continue by creating UI / UX design. and make the design design in accordance with the mock up who have been determined.

6. Test your app

Application testing is activities that aim to evaluate the attributes or capabilities of a program or system and determine whether it is in accordance with the expected results. Testing is the process of checking the program with a specific purpose in finding the error before it is submitted to the user.

Those are some tips to make your app.interested in making an app? We are ready to help, 41studio can create the Web applications and  Mobile applications of your own and give you a great experience in exploring the technology through your hands.


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