Best Mobile App Templates for Android and iOS

Best Mobile App Templates for Android and iOS

Best Mobile App Templates for Android and iOS

Mobile App templates have gained much popularity over the years and there is no denying, they have helped the developers skip the hassle of starting entirely from scratch. Coming up with a concept and focusing their attention on the functionality of the app is already time-consuming. This is why the huge time-saver mobile app templates can be their best friend. However, it can also be a great learning tool for novice developers. They can use it to study the building blocks of an application and develop their coding skills nonetheless

  1. Privy App

Privy App is an ideal mobile app template designed with a minimal and aesthetic design. It is built with the intention of giving the users an easy way to access any of your personal websites through their mobile devices with ease. The is best suited for web-designers, graphic designers, digital professionals and more creative minds. It comes with all the necessary features you might require to help you maintain your online presence. It is flexible and you can also use it to display your CVs and Resumes. This template is also cross-browser compatible and can be displayed on all screen size.

Built entirely on the Bootstrap framework, it is structured using the HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery coding. The professional and modern design is sure to keep your users engaged. And you can enhance it with creative fonts from Google Fonts and Font Awesome. It is also easy to add location using Google Maps integration. It is also highly customizable so that you can modify any elements with ease. If you are looking to impress your users with a mobile app based website then this is the perfect start!

2. Appliance

Based on the latest flat Bootstrap framework, Appliance is an amazing mobile app template. It is designed to give the users an excellent interface and a flawless experience. Even the HTML and CSS coding used are extremely well-commented and clean. It brilliantly suits your mobile app category and takes your website to the next level. Tailored with excellence this template is also cross-browser compatible and loads fast and easy. The design is also fully responsive and features HD imagery.

It features a vibrant and visually appealing outlook. In addition to this, it matches the requirement and the latest standards of the modern market. Providing an amazing customer support and well-documentation, this template is almost premium-like. Not only this but it also packed with tons of amazing features that you can utilize. It is flexible and adaptable making it suitable for almost everyone. Even the customizing process is extremely easy and user-friendly. So if you are looking for the perfect mobile app template then Appliance makes it to the top.

3. Appizz

Appizz is a modern and flat styled mobile app template that is designed using the Bootstrap framework. The elements and the UI components included with the template package is carefully built using the HTML, CSS and jQuery coding. All of the codes are also well-commented and clean. This makes it developer friendly and easy to modify. For easy and fast loading, this template is also cross-browser compatible. Not only this but the unique and visually appealing design is also fully-responsive.

It features a clean, and minimal workspace that not only looks stunning but is also effective. Although it is designed to give out a stylish and fancy appeal, you can modify it to suit your preference. You can also add Google Fonts and Font Awesome fonts to add that creative touch. Furthermore, this template is fully responsive and easy to use. Tailored to provide the best user-experience, you can use this template for any type of mobile apps you wish. It is flexible and adaptable and adjusts to your requirements. Try it out today and never have to look back again!

4. Fluid App

Fluid App as the name suggests is a clean, stylish and modern looking mobile app template. It is designed to be flexible and fluid so that it can adapt to all your preference. Based on the latest and powerful Bootstrap framework, this template works amazingly with every niche. The layout is visually stunning versatile. The default color schemes are vibrant and attractive but if you want you can modify it to match your preference. The HTML and CSS coding used provides additional animations and effects. This adds to the enhance the effect of the template for your users.

The structure is also fully-responsive making sure it automatically adjusts to every device screen size. Additionally, ensuring that your site loads fast and easy, this template is also cross-browser compatible. One of the best option to start with, this template is also highly customizable. Each and every element included are placed so that it is functional and effective to work with. Not only this, but this flexible template can be used for every mobile app template niche. Add locations, amazing typographies and more. Leave a lasting impression on everyone who lands only with Fluid App.

5. Max App

Probably one of the versatile and flexible mobile app template out there, Max App is carefully tailored to ensure an amazing online experience. The visuals are stunning to look at and sure to leave your users wanting more. It is entirely based on the powerful Bootstrap framework. Not only this, but it is fully responsive. This means that no matter which device your users are on, your site looks amazing. But that’s not all the structure and the elements are crafted using the innovative CSS and HTML coding. Taking care of everything you might require, this free mobile app template is an awesome choice to opt for.

It features amazing color schemes and grid-style layout. Additionally, you also get stunning hover effects and animations to keep things interesting. Furthermore, this template is also cross-browser compatible. This ensures that your website loads fast and easy no matter which browser you use. It is flexible and adaptable that suits every kind of product based websites. This fluid website template also has excellent customer support to help you out whenever you need.

6. Millor

Millor is yet another amazing mobile app template we absolutely love. Why? This template is versatile, flexible and amazing to look at as well. But that’s the least of it because it is packed with so many amazing features! With Millor, it is sure that your business will step to the next level. It is multi-purpose which means that it is suitable for almost any type of websites and apps. The template is optimized for high-performance and is backed up with amazing responsiveness. The layout is super modern and is sure to impress any of your users.

It is based on the powerful Bootstrap framework and advanced coding from HTML, CSS, and jQuery. This ensures that this template meets all the latest standard you require. Additionally, the layout also follows a good grid style of elements. Furthermore, you can also switch the color schemes to match your preference. It is fully compatible with all the major browsers and loads easily. Stylized to make an impression, this mobile app template also includes MailChimp and AJAX forms. You can also add creative typographies to keep it simple or edgy whichever you prefer.

7. Aptile

If you are searching for a creatively built, modern and innovative mobile app template, then your search ends here. Aptile is a free website template that features an amazing layout and effective sets of function. Flexible, clean and professional, this template automatically adjusts to all device screen size. This includes mobile, laptops, tablets and more. But that’s not the end of it. You also get a set of amazing Google Fonts and Font Awesome typography that adds the hint of a creative touch.

It is designed with the powerful Bootstrap framework. Additionally, it also uses the advanced coding structure of HTML, CSS, and jQuery. Get amazing animations and effects that make your site look more professional. Furthermore, it is also optimized for online marketing and SEO to help your site reach its optimum potential. The source files and PSD displayed are also included within the package. In addition to this, it is extremely customizable so that you can edit it per your requirements.

8. App Fun

App fun is a flat designed modern and clean mobile app template that is packed with tons of amazing features. One of the most professional looking and visually stunning designed mobile app template, it is also fully responsive. This makes sure that your app or website adjusts to any device screen size whether it is laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. The best thing, however, is the vibrant color schemes that are impossible to take the eyes away from. But if you prefer, you can also easily switch to one you prefer.

The template is fully compatible with most of the major browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. This ensures that no matter which browser you use, the template loads fast and easy. Based entirely on the powerful Bootstrap framework, there are plenty of variations you can choose from. Furthermore, the clean and valid HTML and CSS coding add all the features you might require. Get amazing animations and stunning effects. As it is flexible and multipurpose, you can use it for any types of mobile apps. Probably one of the best mobile app landing templates out there, you should definitely try this one out!

9. Appson

Appson is yet another stunning mobile app template that is not only stunning to look at but is also efficient to get you results. Instead of taking the long and tedious path of designing and planning everything, this template is something that takes care of it all. Save tons of your time and effort with this mobile app template. It is fully responsive and retina ready which makes this template one of the best choice to opt for. In addition to this, the template is also cross-browser compatible which makes the template load fast and easy.

Best suited for mobile apps of all niche, this template is flexible and adaptable. You also get additional typography and icons options that add a creative touch. The color schemes also enhance the vibrant visuals. Furthermore, the template package also includes other amazing features. As it is highly customizable, you can easily add elements and modify them according to your preference. All the necessary elements and UI components included helps you create the perfect platform.

10. Unapp

Unapp is yet another amazing mobile app template that is sure to take your site to the next level. If you want to keep track of your products, grow your business and take the next step towards success, then this template is sure the way to go. It is fully responsive and stunning to look at. This means that no matter which device your users are on, the template still looks amazing. It is multi-purpose and works great with almost every niche of mobile apps and landing pages.

Implement an effective content marketing strategy based on your products and get an impressive result. Add creative typographies, icons and media files to add a touch of creativeness. Built with the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template takes care of all the latest standards. In addition to this, the template features exclusive CSS and HTML coding. All of these are extremely clean and valid so that users don’t come across any problems when customizing. In addition to this, this template includes a range of useful UI components that you can utilize. This adds to the enhancement of the template functionality.

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