7 Apps You Love Built with React Native

7 Apps You Love Built with React Native

7 Apps You Love Built with React Native

React Native is the future of app development, these 7 reasons tell you why. Being developed by Facebook team, React Native is now one of the trending frameworks for iOS and Android app development.
With this kind of popularity, we could notice some amazing and popular apps built with React Native. These are 7 apps you love built with React Native.

1. Facebook 


The most popular social media with hundreds of million unique visitors is on our first list. Well, React Native is developed by Facebook team, but moving this major app to a new technology sure need a strong trust. And now Facebook app is the biggest proof for the React Native hybrid app development.

2. Instagram 


The most popular social media on photo sharing is on our second list. Eventhough Instagram is owned by Facebook and React Native is developed by Facebook, to move an existing app to a new technology is surely a big challenge.

3. Airbnb 


Airbnb is the most popular app for hospitality service which providing an online marketplace for people to lease or rent short-term lodging like hotels and apartments, and for tourism purposes. With easy-to-use app, AirBnb is for sure the app you choose if you go on travelling. 

4. Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets and department stores. Walmart aims really high, striving to become the world's largest online retailer. And using React Native is their way to improve customer experience.

5. SoundCloud 


SoundCloud is well known as the music and podcast streaming platform. If you are into music, then SoundCloud is familiar to you. The developer admit that it easier to work on a React Native-based application. 

6. Wix


Wix is an online company that provides web hosting and website design services. Two popular features of Wix are that developers can create their own web applications to market to other users, and that users do not need to know any coding to create a website. Wix choose React Native because it is all about delivering the speed and agility of web app development.

7. Bloomberg


Bloomberg is one of the biggest business and finance media company. With React Native, Bloomberg gives clients a streamlined, interactive experience with simple-to-access personalized content, videos, and live feeds featured across Bloomberg's media.
Source: Brainhub and Daffodil 
And that's it! Any type of content, any scale, and any idea, React Native has got potential for mobile development in iOS and Android. The 7 apps mentioned above are the perfect examples about how seamless React Native is. 

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