6 Steps to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

6 Steps to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Are you still thinking that planning is boring?

You are WRONG!

If you have a brand and social media is your only weapon, then creating social media content calendar is a MUST.


Because it will save you a lot of time in the long run and you will never miss important dates that matter tou your brand or business.

Then how?
Here is 6 steps to create a social media content calendar:

1. Audience Personas

You should understand your audience first, because you create content to them.

The best way to understand your audience is to create audience personas. These archetypes give you a big picture to what kind of audience you have as well as their needs, goals, and problems that you should solve with your products or brand.

2. Content Research

Do a deep research about what kind of content that got the most engagements from your audience. You can start from your previous posts or your competitor's posts.

3. Content Audit

After doing the research, now look at what content you have. What's still useable? What can be updated? What can be repurposed? What can't be reused? From answering these questions you will find out that you are collecting content assets.

4. Major Events Overview

Now create a calendar and map out any major and important events throughout the year, particularly those that you want to create content about it because it matters to your brand.

Be sure to include holidays, your product launches, campaigns, and annual events.

5. Calendar Planning

After you have your evergreen content assets and calendar, now it is time to planning.

First, decide how often you are going to publish on each social network.

Next, determine how much each type and category of original content you will publish, as well as how much curated content you want to share.

6. Content Creating and Scheduling

And now it is time to creating the new content! Ensure that the new content are applicable to your calendar.

In a summary, you should have these in mind: Plan your content, create it, then schedule it. Then you will have a social media content calendar that will help your team be more efficient.
These are social media content calendar examples:

WIRED | social media content calendar | 41studio ruby on rails company

Source: WIRED
Forbes | social media content calendar | 41studio ruby on rails company

Source: Forbes
Cosmopolitan | social media content calendar | 41studio ruby on rails company

Source: Cosmopolitan
And that's it! What's your ideas or questions about creating social media content calendar? Comment below!
Source: Hootsuite

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