5 Factors Which Make Software Development in Ruby on Rails Fast

5 Factors Which Make Web Development in Ruby on Rails Fast

Why do we need a faster software development?
Software development is an expensive part of a startup company's journey, so the time span of the development should be as short as possible. Moreover, fast software delivery means that the best form of the software is delivered to decision makers in every iteration. 
Fast development provides the following benefits:
1. Short time to market
2. Quick feedback from users
3. Lower development costs
4. Fast market change adaption
When it comes to fast development, Ruby on Rails is a frequent choice. Either building prototypes or minimum viable product (MVP), Ruby on Rails always been the first that comes to decision makers' mind on their which-technology-we-should-use list.
Here are 8 factors which make software development in Ruby on Rails fast.

1. Complete Framework

Ruby on Rails is a framework in which many important tools and solutions are available, such as database communication, API mode, and schema migrations.

2. Simple and Flexible

Ruby on Rails' layered structure allowing developers to focus on what really needs to be done instead of making decisions over code organization. Sets of rules that comes with Ruby on Rails can cut the number of decisions that need to be made, keeping code simplicity and flexibility at the same time.

3. Numerous Third-party Components

Numerous third-party components allows developers to significantly speeds up software development. Authentication like registration or login pages is very easy to set up. JavaScript and CSS preprocessors can be integrated into an application in just a few steps. There are also lots of gems that support all popular frameworks.

4. Large Developer Community

Thousands of development questions have already been answered on stackoverflow. Thousands of technical books, tutorials, and videos about Ruby on Rails are available across the web. Many Ruby on Rails conferences take place around the world.

5. Code Scaffolds

Code scaffolds are auto-generated code snippets that can provide good basic defaults for new app components, ready to use in a few seconds. It makes developers more productive in their work.
Source: Netguru


Sure, Ruby on Rails is the best choice for your fast software development. Planning to include Ruby on Rails on your software development plan? Tell your ideas to us and we will gladly help. 41studio is a Ruby on Rails development company fills with Ruby on Rails and React Native experts, delivered 200+ products across the world.
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