3 Web Design Trends – March 2018

3 Web Design Trends – March 2018

Web designers apparently in a brigther bold mood this month. It is shown in this month's roundup of trends.
Here is 3 web design trends in March 2018:

1. Poster-Style Homepages

Poster-style homepage designs featuring oversized image and/or video. It is a mash-up of minimal theory with more colorful and ornate styling. With the right visuals and text, it actually effective for the visitors.
For example, Flux Broadcast homepage features full screen video clips with short text and only a few small elements on the screen. The visitors feel like they are watching a video with this design, not jumping around a website homepage. The navigation is tucked into a colored circle at the top right and an animated arrow at the bottom right encourages visitors to scroll.

Flux Broadcast

2. Purple Color Palettes

The purple hues are showing up in numbers of design, thanks to Pantone named Ultra Violet as color of the year. Once being the most avoided color, now it is become versatile and friendly when we talk about web design. Take a look at New Music Dublin.

New Music Dublin

3. Gradients and Text

Gradients are not just for backgrounds and photo overlays. A solid gradient can also add emphasis to text elements.

Zoocha uses a great pale yellow and blue gradient inside a modern serif on a plain screen. The simplicity of the rest of the design makes the text with the gradient stands out.



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