Working Tips In The Month Of Ramadan

Working Tips In The Month Of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a blessed month for Muslims. The month of Ramadan is the perfect time to multiply worship, because this month as a mental exercise to improve our spiritual status, both in raising our worship to God and in the context of raising our social awareness to the poor.

Work is an obligation in order to find rizki to meet all kinds of family needs. There are some tips that you can do when running fasting.



1. Introduce Worship In Work



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Do everything with Intention because the intention when worshiping in fasting in work will ease the heavy burden in work.



2. Always Dzikir To Allah



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By increasing the frequency of dhikrullah at any time, especially when we worship, it will lighten the burden of the heart in carrying out the command, on the contrary, it becomes empty dzikrullah increasingly heavy load in implementing the command.



3. Set The Working Frequency



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Adjust the working frequency appropriately and adjust to the situation and condition of your body. By regulating the frequency at work you will feel working normally so your work and fasting work well.



4. Saur With Nutritious Food




Saur when fasting is sunna. You are strongly advised to eat saur that kayak will fiber as high as will help your body remain prime. You can consume honey or other health supplements.



5. Napping



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Sleeping while fasting is Worship. You can take advantage of rest after dzuhur prayer by laying down, let yourself close your eyes for a moment, this is done to maintain stamina on your body.


That’s 5 tips to work during Ramadan month, do you want to know information or other tips, you can visit our blog at

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