What’s New in Boostrap 4?

What’s New in Boostrap 4?

Bootstrap was created by Mark Otto and Jacob Thorton. Boostrap launched in 2015, and still updated till now. Many changes made from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4. Here is an explanation of some of the changes that occurred in Bootstrap 4.


2. Looking Back at Bootstrap Over The Years


Bootstrap has been standard for many years, especially in developing mobile. The changes are on Bootstrap 1.0 release, Bootstrap has no gradient, then Bootstrap 2.0 becomes more responsive, Bootstrap 3.0 removes slow Internet Explorer support, removes gradients, adds a ton of new features and one of those features is upgrade to its grid system. Bootstrap 4.0 is dropping support  for Internet Explorer 8, and if you still want to support Internet Explorer 8, you should stick to Bootstrap 3.


3. How to use Bootstrap 4.0


  • Use Gruntfile to compile Sass, make sure Node and grunt is installed.

  • The easiest way you can use CDN links.

  • Bootstrap uses Sass in all versions as the main preprocessor this is good because Sass is preferred by the front-end.

  • Using the Bootstrap grid still follows the same HTML syntax, but its basic architecture is little changed.

  • There is a boolean variable in the _variables.scss file called $enable-flex. If you set this right and recompile, many things happen.

  • Improved Media Queries.

  • Working with flexbox and default grid mode.

  • Bootstrap 4 will only normalize Css.

Bootstrap 4 adjusts previous versions, performs all variable options to one file where you can compile your Sass quickly. We can utilize IE8 the best part of CSS without being detained with CSS or fallback hacks. It also means that managers can focus on new technologies and push ahead. Bootstrap 4 only exists in alpha version right now.

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