What You Should Take Attention Before Jumping into Startup

What You Should Take Attention Before Jumping into Startup

However, working at a startup company is totally opposite from working as a civil servant or banker. There are lots of things you might not know about working culture in startups that are not your liking. Other than its advantages of working remotely or comfortable workplace, a startup has dark sides too.  

But don’t get discouraged because you can flip those disadvantages upside down into your advantages if you know how to look at the bright side. 41studio has summarized the points you need to look up to before you start jumping into the startup world.

Longer working hours

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Don’t expect the 8-hour workday when you’re working for a startup company because you will be busy working for your company even outside office hours. True that you can work remotely or no restrict office hours, but it means you must available at all times and expect your employee contact you when you’re in the middle of the holiday. We know it’s shocking, but don’t worry. The flexible work hours at a startup can become your advantage as long as you can balance between professional and private life. Finish your daily tasks early and don’t postpone it so you can have spare time to enjoy your “me” time is our advice.

Minimum wages and bonuses

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Not all startups have a huge amount of funds when they’re starting to operate. It means don’t expect for a high salary because lots of them are even paying their employee under Regional Minimum Wage (UMR) and no allowances. It sounds sad but, again, take it as your advantage. If you’re working for the right startup, it might be going big someday (either is acquitted by a billionaire business or entering the stock market) and once it reaches its success, you’ll get stack offer from your employer. 

Abrupt collapse

Lots of startups in Indonesia don’t have focused strategies to maintain their business hence result in a bankruptcy. This sudden accident will cause a Termination of Employment (PHK) and it will leave its employees jobless. This situation is 180 degrees different from a more stable company as it usually gives a range of time for its employees to seek a new job. However, with full of uncertainty, working at a startup company means fast-escalating job rank. That’s why we encourage you to look at the background of the startup company you’ve targeted before you’re applying. If you work at a healthy company, then your job is secured and you will get a promotion in short amount of time.

Don’t expect to get training

Do you think a startup has a budget to give you a proper training? The answer is no. Although not all startups are like this, but mostly they are. Even when you have a senior, he/she is too busy to give a lesson or training for the novices. To solve this issue, you need to be a self-learner. Use your time to seek for references and continuously exercises. Remember that hard work and dedication never betrays you.

Multiple tasks to do

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When you work for a stable company, you’ll get a clear map of your job description, except for changing position keep the routines for the rest of your career. However, things don’t work like that in a startup company as you will get a different task or even multi-tasking from your previous job desk. For newbies, you might be surprised. However, as long as the task is not burdening, suits to your skills & abilities, and a proper compensation, then it can be tolerated.

Now you know what it is like working at a startup company. The choice is yours. Would you prefer a more stable company or a dynamic startup company to work at?

Source: Tech in Asia

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