What is new in Angular 4

What is new in Angular 4

Angular 4 is smaller and faster. Angular 4 was changed in order to reduce the resulting code size for user components by about 60 percent more efficient. Angular 4 reduces the bundling of user production by hundreds of kilobytes. The changes made are allowing users to find a better documentation and better profit. Users can add animations to the main module by importing the BrowserAniamtion module from the Angular.

One of the changes associated with the code is generating AOT, The resulting code size for components is more than half in some cases. Template binding syntax now supports some useful changes. You can now use the if / else style syntax, and set local variables.

Angular is currently applying their module version. This format can help reduce the size of the resulting bundle and accelerate the creation, transpilation and loading in certain browsers in accordance with the posts on the blog. The Angular developer team says it has saved a size of up to seven percent the size of the package when combining this package with Rollup. If you want to try this new package, all you have to do is configure the build toolchain to complete the “ES2015” property in package.json during the regular development.

Angular itself has been updated to the newer TypeScript version, which will increase the speed of ngc. It also means the user will get better type of checks and enable StrictNullChecks in your project, if desired.

3. Why Did This Change Happen?

Angular requires this kind of change because Angular want to evolve with other ecosystems, and look for ways to create more ergonomic and efficient code.

4. When Will Angular 4 be Released?

Angular 4 will be released in March 2017.

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