What is Mobile App Development?

What is Mobile App Development ?


According from the Wikipedia, Mobile App Development is a term that is shown in a process of developing an application software for mobile devices. The process of developing a mobile User Interface (UI) in making mobile apps is very important to do, because mobile User Interface (UI) considers obstacles, context and screen. In making a mobile application requires a hardware and software compound.



Types of Apps


The type of application used is very similar to desktop software because it is designed using a variety of languages and programming frameworks and operating systems are very popular used on iOS and Android. Here are various ways to use the app:


  • Native Apps is an app created for specific platforms like iOS and Android that use software and languages supported by the operating system. For example iOS use Xcode and Objective-C, Android uses Android Studio and Java and even Kotlin.

  • HTML5 is a standard used by universal web technologies that are HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.

  • Hybrid Apps is a container developed on the original system that allows using HTML5 and can simultaneously utilize unique elements of the original system.



Software Development Kits


Developing a mobile app requires software development that provides a programming environment that can design and test code in simulated mobile environments. The Android SDK is used to ensure deliverability on mobile devices. Developing iOS apps requires paid licenses.



Mobile Application Development Services


Develop mobile apps in a constant state of change, once every six months a new operating system launches with unique features and is utilized by mobile apps. So that was a brief explanation of mobile app development.


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