What is Django ?

What is Django ?

Have you ever heard the term Django? and what is Django ?, Let’s learn about Django.


1. What is Django ?


Django is an open source web application framework written with Python.Django is a web framework that will help you in developing a website that is fast and easy. Django also provides a framework of ease in creating a website ready for use.


2. Why in Making a Website Needs a Framework ?


The thing to understand is the server must know that you are creating a web page. Django will try to find out what is actually requested. It takes a web page address first and tries to find out what to do. This section is done by Django URL Resolver. A Framework is needed to save your time in creating a new site.


3. Why You Must Use Django ?


Django can handle complexity in website development, you can focus on writing the App without having to think about the hassle of steering, it’s free and open.

Django also use ORM or Object Relational Mapper, that allows database queries to be written using Python cod instead of using SQL query statement.


4. The Advantages of The Django Framework Area


  • Ridiculously Fast

    Django is designed to help developers take applications in a fast way

  • Fully Loaded

    Django can be used in developing the web in general such as handling user authentication, content administration, RSS feed and others

  • Reassuringly Secure

    Django can take security seriously and help users with common errors such as SQL injection, cross site scripts and how to safely manage accounts and passwords.

  • Exceedingly Scalable

    Django’s ability is fast and flexible in meeting demand.

  • Incredibly Versatile

    Many companies in the world have been using Django in building the web from start managing content to social networks.

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