What Are The Differences Between Web Designer and Web Developer?

What Are The Differences Between Web Designer and Web Developer?

You don’t want your boyfriend or girlfriend mad at you for the simple thing like that, do you? Well, we want tell you that there is a huge difference between web designer and web developer. Since it’s a sensitive issue (trust us, your relationship is relying on this article), we will spill the beans for you.

Their Abilities

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Web designers are proficient in graphics, design, layout, and color while web developers are capable of MySQL, PHP, ASP, or Ruby. Hmm, seems like opposing each other, but both of them also need to know about HTML, CSS, JS, and Ajax too! Okay, are you questioning why web designer need to learn codes? Here’s the reason. As web designers, they need to at least learn the basics of coding because when they design a website, they work together with developers. It’s crucial to understand the needs of the developers they work with, such as build the skill set and vocabulary to express the designer’s utmost ideas.

Their Expertise

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The web designer’s expertise is using a special software for designing, such as Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Gimp etc with excellence in working with Dreamweaver, visual web developer, etc. Meanwhile, a web developer is good at knowing programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and more. See how difference their masteries are?

Their Key Responsibilities

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With a great power comes a great responsibility. No, we are not talking about Spiderman, but this quote is pretty much summing what are a web designer and web developer’s responsibilities. If we can explain it analogically as a soldier in the battlefield, a web developer is a back-line soldier, and a web designer is a front-line soldier. Web developer’s responsibility is to develop a website from scratch. They are responsible for programming and engineering the website (like a house, a web developer is the foundation of the house itself). While web designer’s responsibility is to ensure the graphical interface is fascinating to the client. We think web designers carry a big responsibility in this case because the first thing that client would look up to is the design of the web. If it’s not aesthetic enough for them, it’s web designer’s duty to make it appealing to them.

Their Dependence

As web designers, they rely on their creativity, aesthetic sense, imagination, and innovation. They have to keep up-to-date with the newest trend of design in order to make your design looks like a breakthrough. Their creativity is what they rely the most. Therefore, as a web developer, they rely on their left side of their brain. The analytical and methodical way of thinking is their forte. They need a technical mind, ability to analyze and think logically and linear thinking.

So much differences to look up to, but now you now the differences and you don’t need to worry if you made a mistake in differentiating the two.

Here’s a little trivia for you. Even though there are so much differences between web designer and web developer, who knows that they actually work together hand-in-hand to build a international standard website? Here, in 41studio, both our web designers and web developers are working together to make our clients’ dreams come true. Click here to see our developers and web designers, also look onto our portfolios as well to see how well our products are.

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