Web Design For Kids with Tuts+ Town

Web Design For Kids with Tuts+ Town

Creating a web design for children is not an easy matter. There are challenges when creating a web design for children, in addition, must be very interesting, there must be elements that can attract the attention of children to feel at the sight of a website display. Here is how to create a web design for kids using the keys + keys.

1. How Does Web Work?

There is a special server that contains a web page file, instead of having to be associated with a server to be linked through the Internet Service Provider.

The content site is set on a computer-only device. You can open the site www.tutsplus.com from the server and send the file to the browser to translate it to display the page on the screen. Entire situations that you write can not be seen by others on the computer, so you can move files to the server.

3. What is Web Designer Job?

Web designers are very important. One reason why his job is so important? Because a web designer should work for a website display and other supporting things like you have to make sure the website can be used to disable visitors the way you like Tuts now.

4. Our Project

First thing if you will create a website using Tuts+town, you needs a place for a tourist can get handy information about that. Let's see the preview of the website.

our pro| 41studio

5. Sketching And Building

First thing for build website you must sketch about a site and what we want to have on the page in a special file. You can Channel the imagination On the sketch you are creating for your site.

6. Styling And Building Website

After you sketch your site, you can color and layout your ideas and the Next side is get started with the coding part of our website.


html| 41studio

Build your site with a programming language is HyperText Markup Language (HTML) elements. Elements are language for help describe everything place on the page. You must know that every website made from a written document.

8. CSS

css| 41studio

Cascading Stylesheets or CSS is styling for our website such as (colors, fonts, overall feel) and it's attractive and as easy to use visitor possible.

9. CSS Layout

css layout| 41studio

CSS can help us for lay all our pieces out on the page.

10. Images

In this part we will talk about the type of image will be included our site and some styling.

11. Design Basics

design basic| 41studio

In this part, we will build blocks of web design. We will make sure about something and make sure it looks nice.

12. Typography

Typography will arrange and follow up our new design and make success for our website. For the example you can see this:

typography | 41studio

13. Color

The color is very important and great fun. Color can make site beautiful and will talk all about here.

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