Top Five Document Management Softwares to Lessen Headache at Work

Top Five Document Management Softwares to Lessen Headache at Work

What will happen if your office is ambushed by flood, fire, or earthquake, and you lose all your company’s data? Or what do you do when you want to sign a deal or send a proposal to overseas client? You need something to help you with this issue, both keeping your files safely or making lots of deals with client effectively.

No worries! Nowadays rapid developing technology will solve the problem. There are tons of document management softwares which features you can use to handle your business’ needs involving documents, such as making or editing proposal, signing a contract, filling human resources documents, sharing or tracking documents, etc. Below are top five document management softwares we picked for you.

1. PandaDoc

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Let’s start with the most used and well-known document management software in the world. PandaDoc is a document platform with features that can save time and close business faster. You can choose any features that suits your goals, such as configure, price, quote (CPQ) functionality, electronic signature (e-Sign), document management, and payment feature right after the deal signed. It can also manage access to company’s documents between employees.

2. Paperless Proposal

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Specialized for Sales and Marketing team, Paperless Proposal will make marketing and salesperson work faster and more efficient. It allows you to create proposal with templates, e-Brochure, document track, Tracking and Analytics of potential client’s interest, and electronic signature (e-Sign) in mere minutes. The best thing about Paperless Proposal is its simplicity with multimedia content. You can also add not only texts, but also images, videos, and website content seamlessly into your proposals, contracts, and multimedia e-Brocuhers.

3. Qwilr

If your clients mostly use his/her mobile rather than sitting on their desk and reading through PC, Qwilr might be the best software for you to be used. One of its advantages is it can produce mobile-friendly sales documents so that your clients can close the deals by signing contract through their smart phones. Other than mobile-friendly sales documents, Qwilr also features PDF proposal with enchanting templates, quotes, presentations, and convenient one-page deal page including e-Sign and payment feature.

4. eFileCabinet

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eFileCabinet is a software specialized in document management software (DMS) to suit your fast-paced business flow in your company. Founded in 2011, it can help you products, stores, shares, and protect your company’s data instantaneously. With more than 160,000 users worldwide, eFileCabinet is a trusted and sophisticated yet elegant software to be used.

5. DocSend

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DocSend is a sales content management that will help you share and track your docs to your clients or potential ones seamlessly. Regarding to documents tracking, not only you can see how many views, but also time spent per page, device type, geography, and even who the document has been forwarded to, to know your clients better. DocSend maybe has the same features as other document management softwares, but it has advantages of clean UI and is easy to use.

What do you think of our list? If we miss other awesome softwares, let us know by commenting below!

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