This Python Community Embraces All Python-ers in Indonesia

Due to the hype of Ruby on Rails and Javascript, Python doesn’t get too much recognition. But this fact doesn’t discourage the one and only Indonesian-based Python Community called Komunitas Python Indonesia or better known as Python ID. Having more than 1,400 Python-ers as its members, this community surely is the leading Python community in Indonesia.

Python id

Running by Edwin L as the organizer and Ikhsan Noor R. as co-organizer of Python ID, they purpose to encourage developers to learn, love and apply Python as language program in their works. Proposing a vision that meeting up with fellow Python developers, they have been held many meet ups at least once every two months from all regions in Indonesia. Since its launching on 2013 until today, there have held 29 events which are super awesome!

python id

During meet up, Python ID encourages every developer to join the free event in order to interact, sharing and even chit-chat. The point of this meet up is developers can recognize each other and having fun together! In the scheduled meet up, they also hold a discussion about Django or Python or other specific themes related to Python with appointed unlimited amount of speakers for each topic. The most interesting part is Python ID doesn’t strictly choose their speakers for the meet up. As long the speaker has an interesting topic to share, for instance sharing their experience using Python or ups and downs as a Python developer, then they can go up on the stage!

python id

With the bonding session as its forte, we believe Python ID will always exist without end! To infinity and beyond, Python ID!

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By Okta on July 22, 2017