This is How the Biggest PHP Community in Indonesia Grows

This is How the Biggest PHP Community in Indonesia Grows

Many reasons as to why PHP is still developing popularity, for instance, it is the easiest language to start with, it has all modern features, excellent documentation, and many more. Many developers realize how important it is to learn, share, and improve their knowledge and skills on PHP.

Sonny Arlianto and Rama Yurindra are no exceptions.

At first, on February 2008 both of them made an online discussion forum on Facebook to build a friendship and share about PHP with fellow developers. But as the group became bigger, Sonny and Rama realized they needed a better organization to manage the group. Thus, on March 2012, located in Auditorium of PT Microsoft BEJ II Building, Jakarta, the largest PHP community in Indonesia, PHP Indonesia, was officially born.

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PHP Indonesia didn’t waste the time for euphoria.
Shortly after they were launched, the existing members at that time arranged organization structure and appointed representatives for each region in Indonesia. With dedication and consistency, until today PHP Indonesia has more than 81,000 members with representatives of 14 provinces in Indonesia. An impressing one!

As the biggest PHP community in Indonesia, PHP Indonesia has many ongoing activities and gatherings for its members. Not only sharing knowledge and recent news about PHP, this organization also builds a connection to other communities, professional institutions, and even cross-developers in both domestic and overseas in order to gain trust and acknowledge for Indonesian PHP developers’ existence and competence.

PHP Indonesia also provides its members to develop a project together and be a mediator to avoid conflict between developers. In short, PHP Indonesia helps its members to have a prosperous life.

PHP Indonesia rocks!


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