These Are Web Dev’s Most Favored Tools to Use

These Are Web Dev’s Most Favored Tools to Use

A web dev needs code editors, testing tools, build tools and design tools to make astonishing websites. In order to do so, they need reliable tools to start with. We have collected must-have tools for every web dev, either in-house or outsourcing developers for saving your time googling it.

Sublime Text

As a code editor tool, Sublime Text has been a famous app to used for many web devs. No wonder, it is light-weight, but exceptionally fast, has many useful features, and installable package control. The very reason as to why Sublime Text becomes a diva is because it is packed with Python console and keyboard shortcuts to suit every web developers’ needs. It’s a free app but only for a short period of time. After the due time is ended, there will be a painful nagging pop-up window asking you to buy the product for $70.

Google PageSpeed Insights

In terms of testing your website or web application, you need a testing tool to know how well your website quality that you have made. Using Google PageSpeed Insights, all you need to do is putting the URL of your web page and you’ll get an evaluation of your website performance based on mobile and desktop view. This site will evaluate all aspects, such as JS, CSS, images, buttons, etc. and it will determine the overall score. Not only provide you with the evaluation, it also gives you advice and solution to enhance the performance of your site. However, it will take a long time to understand every provided tip, as to why you need to delve deeper to solve it.


If you made a simple web, we do not need to write and mention dependencies. However, if you build a complex one that needs lots of dependencies with specifically directories as does myriad of executions/ running tools, then you should need a built tool to optimize building process (downloading dependencies, compiling source code into binary code, running test, deploying) rather than type many lines for all the processes. Gulp is one the best build tools that you should use. With Gulp, you can test a server, compile SASS, LESS, Stylus, and CoffeeScript, and much more. However, it may take a while to understand how this tool works, but the more time you spend learning using this tool, the more efficient your work will be.


Once the coding is done, the loop of your work might let you mingle with design tool. Hence, one of the most usable and reliable design tool you can use is QuirkTools. It is a free tool that provides features that will make your website looks aesthetic. This site helps you to build site maps, structures and taxonomies of your web browser, blueprints of website interface, and a preview of what your web looks like from a variety of devices screens and resolutions. In sum, QuirtkTools is a useful app to make your web astonishing from the first glance.

Are we missing your favorite tools? Mention your favorite ones or share your experience using the tools in the comment section below.

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