These Are Tips to Enhance Your Website Performance

These Are Tips to Enhance Your Website Performance

Good news: It’s possible. However, you need a strategy to do so. The more content you put on your website, the heavier it will be and in a result, the site speed will become slower. Without further studies and instead of asking your friend, “Are you going to visit a site that takes a lot of time to load the homepage?” they will be no doubt answer the same answer, “No.”

This article will tell you tip and trick on how to optimize your website performance, either more users visiting your website or decreasing bounce rates. Also, if we missed a more effective tip and trick, let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

Discuss The Project As Clear As Possible with Developers

You need to discuss with your web developers as early as the website project begin. It is important to get on the same page when you want to start the project. Thus, project description is as important as your website performance. Note that you can also ask for feedbacks from your web devs. Considering they know technical things more than you, it’s pivotal to consider their bits of advice as gems.

Optimize Images for Your Website

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A picture is worth a thousand words, everyone agrees on that idiom. However, if it comes to your website, you’re in dilemma, whether you put myriad of pictures on your site but will take a decade to load the page, or less picture but makes your site bland and tedious? The solutions are simple. Make sure to save your image as Save for The Web if you use Photoshop, be cautious when you use GIFs due to its big sizes, and make sure every image you upload less than 100kb. If you have a large image, compress your image using provided tools. However, be cautious of the image quality after it compressed.

Review Your Website Plugins

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Please do a regular check of your website plugins! If there is an unused or outdated plugin, don’t just deactivate it, but instead, you should also delete it. You need to do that because your content management system automatically checks your active, but unused, plugin and it might increase the load on your website. Also, make sure to set auto-update your plugin updates. Some of them might have several patches to enhance the performance.

Constantly Run Speed Test Your Website

To know how well your website quality that you have made, you can use a testing tool to test your website. We recommend you using Google PageSpeed Insights. It’s a very simple interface, and you just need to put the URL of your web page and you will get an evaluation of your website performance based on mobile and desktop view. There are other testing tools you can also choose, such as Pingdom, GT metrix, and Yslow.

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