These Are The Qualities that Separate Great Web Developers from The Rest

These Are The Qualities that Separate Great Web Developers from The Rest

It’s a global and old question, yet it’s still relevant to question this, especially if you are a web developer who wants to get a project from a client. The answer is variety, but the five points we stress here are pretty much summarize everything. Apart from defining what are the characteristics that make you, THE web developers, if you have these qualities below, the client is looking up for you.

1. Good Communicator

As today is the era of go-international, it is important for you as a web developer to at least possess an ability to speak and write in English. This ability is crucial, especially when you are targeting overseas client other than domestic one. Also, besides communication in English, it’s pivotal to be a great communicator for your own native language. In explaining, listening, or negotiate with client or colleague, you have to inevitably deliver many technical terms to people who barely understand it into a more common language. You don’t want your client feels underestimated, and cut the contract, by the way you talk, do you?

2. Client-oriented

Maybe you are an idealist web dev, knowing what’s good and bad for your products, but if you want to be a great developer, start changing your point of view that client is always right. Well, it’s their product anyway. However, you won’t let your client falls into their own mistake for not understand anything about developing the web or mobile app, hence you need to understand the way they think and propose another better solution that they will agree to. But, again, be a client-oriented is crucial because their satisfaction is yours too. It’s your duty to build the web or mobile app that makes both of you satisfied!

3. Epic Levels of Patience and Accuracy

Whether fixing bugs or testing programs is a tedious thing to do as a web dev. You sit in front of a computer for most of your day, staring at the computer screens (must be tiring), and still need to be focused on fixing errors. A legendary level of patience is the key. There is no excuse, saying “My code is not working, I don’t know what to do.” Instead, you will look for the answer from your comrade or any information on the Internet (web dev forum, a library, etc) to solve your problem.

4. Never Miss Every Opportunity, because Experiences is The Key

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The more loads of hours of flying, the more expert the pilot is. This term is also relevant to a web developer. The more web and mobile app you built, the more proficient you are. In this case, you shouldn’t miss every chance of working with clients. The phrase “Experience Is The Best Teacher” is no joke. However, that doesn’t mean you should take projects as your primary source to learn. There are many options for you to grow as a great web dev, such as taking a college or university degree related to IT. It would be better to learn and practice with professors as your guide rather than self-learning.

5. Always Up-to-Date with Current Tools

People don’t want to chat with someone who cannot follow the conversation, same goes to a web developer. You have to stay current of the latest news, including new libraries, automation tools, build systems, frameworks, even programming languages. You need to keep open-minded and ready for a chance as web development is a dynamic niche.

6. Able to Manage Time Schedule

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What makes you as a trusted web developer? Yup! It is keeping your promises to your client, including discipline to the deadline. As a web dev, you need to be an expert in time management. There are times when you concentrate on developing a website or mobile app, but there also spare time for you to rest and enjoy your day. Also, you have to always finish the project made by a client before the due time. Note that, time is money in the tech world.

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