These Are Startup Companies in Indonesia that Develop Their Apps and Websites using Ruby on Rails

These Are Startup Companies in Indonesia that Develop Their Apps and Websites using Ruby on Rails

1. Go-Jek

Let’s start with one of the famous apps in Indonesia. Go-Jek, which was initiated in 2010, is an Indonesian hyperlocal transport, logistics, and payments startup. Starting with motorcycle transportation based on-demand mobile platform, Go-Jek has evolved with more services, including buying movie tickets, groceries, medicines, and even ordering massage service.

2. Bukalapak

bukalapak | 41studio

The history of Bukalapak began in January 2010. Bukalapak is one of the most well-known e-commerces in Indonesia. Both individuals or companies can sell their products using this platform, starting from gadget, fashion, electronic appliance, and many more.

Also, you don’t have to worry if you become a victim of e-commerce fraud. Bukalapak promises you 100 percent cash-back if you haven’t received your ordered product in time.

3. | 41studio

Everyone loves cooking and wants to get more insight about home-made recipes, thus Cookpad has afford your lust for cooking new recipes for your beloved one. Having found in 1997, Cookpad has become a website that allows its users to share and search original, user-created recipes. Although based in Japan, Cookpad has been available in Indonesia since 2014. There are variety of Indonesian, Chinese, or Western recipes you can look up to on this site.

4. is a trusted medical news and consultation website. At, you can contact experienced doctors as its contributors to ask anything related to medical issues. With more than million of visitors every month, becomes the fastest growth medical website in Southeast Asia.

5. HarukaEdu

The current days with rapid leverage in technology has taken education into another level. Rather than paying higher tuition and sitting in class all day, many students have taken another alternative to study. That’s the reason why HarukaEdu is available to attract Indonesian students who seek a desired course with affordable tuition. HarukaEdu provides highly-demand courses, such as technopreneruship, English course, even short-course about how to get your dream job!


Based in Bandung, is an e-commerce website specialized in buying and selling dirtbike, motorcross, motor trail, and supermoto products and accessories. Getting started in 2015, it has been aiming to be Indonesia’s number one online shopping platform for motorcross.

What do you think about our list? If we missed something, don’t ever hesitate to drop a comment below!

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