These Are Skills You Need to Be an Excellent Back-End Developer

These Are Skills You Need to Be an Excellent Back-End Developer

Choosing what framework, methodology, and programming language to learn is neither easy nor difficult task. However, you can get confused to choose and if you’re picking the wrong ones, you might end up wasting your time.  

Here are the list of skills you need to master in order to stay current with the ever-changing technology, as well as gaining more customers. In this article, we will cover which framework, methodology, and programming language that suit each type of applications.

Website and blog

If you want to build a website with minimalist features, such as company profile, organization website, or landing page, you shall choose WordPress as the pre-build backend. In furtherance of using WordPress, you need to master at least basic knowledge of WordPress, PHP, Javascript, and MySQL.  
Another type of website that back-end devs frequently build is blog and portal news website. You can use WordPress and with additional server optimization. In order to do so, it requires your knowledge on deploy and server optimization. If WordPress optimization is not your cup of tea, we recommend you to use static cms, such as Jekyll. It doesn’t require too much resource server and it is saved on file format, instead of using MySQL database.

Information system

information system | 41studio

What should you master if you want to build management data software?  
It’s sufficient for you to proficient in Laravel and Lumen and other PHP frameworks such as Symphony or Yii. If you excel in those, you won’t get trouble in building company administration database or stock application. Note that you should pay attention to database scheme and how to develop it, so database optimization and relational database management system (RDBMS) is highly recommended.

Cross-platform application

Cross-platform application is on the hype now. Usually, you’ll be tasked to build not only a website but also a mobile app, either Android or iOS or both. It is crucial to develop a code that is applicable to all platforms, including website, desktop app, Android, and iOS.  
To do so, you need a third-party database, cloud storage for static file, cross platform IDE, and middleware server. We will start to break it down below:  

Third-party database  
We will divide third-party database into two: database and database user.  
First, for your application and website database, you can count on a serverless database such as, Amazon’s DynamoDB, or Google’s Firebase. Second, for database user which handles authentication (login/sign up using password), you can use or stormpath. Many reputable applications have used both or stormpath, such as Google’s Drive, Email, Docs, Playstore and more.  

Cloud Storage  
Use Firebase, Azure Storage, Dropbox, or Amazon S3 to store necessary files such as documents, photos, videos, and more.  

Cross Platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE)  
To solve your cross-platform solutions, we advise you to choose Xamarin, Scade, MeteorJS, or Intel XDK. You can choose which one suits the most based on your capability. If you’re expert in Swift, you can choose Scade, or Xamarin if you prefer C#, and MeteorJS or Intel XDK if you use HTML, CSS, and Javascript language.

Middleware Server  
To connect between application and serverless database and cloud storage, you should go through REST API. However, it’s very risky to directly connect it. Hence, we need middleware to connect it smoothly. Also, in case of generating data, you need to use Script. Use Flask (Python) or Ruby to code Script.

Those are the skills required to be a back-end developer. Do tell us in the comment section below if you think we miss something important.  

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