These Are Outdated Web Elements You Should Avoid in 2017

These Are Outdated Web Elements You Should Avoid in 2017

Making a simple yet functional website is not easy. But as long as you keep improving and following the latest trend in web design world, then your credibility as a qualified web design is secured. Choosing colors, typography, even web elements will make a huge difference between a success and a failure. In order to avoid the issue, we have collected five old, ineffective web elements that you should avoid to use in this year.

Company-Centered Homepage

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Keep in mind that customers visit your website not to know your company, but your products. Make a specific benefit for your customers in less than four lines are enough to deliver what kind of company you are and what benefit they can get from buying your products.

Phony Photos

Yes, we know how important images are for your site, but people hate phony photos. Rather than using photos from search engines or many stock photos websites, you can make on your own. Start to hire a photographer to snap good pictures for your website. Or if you’re tight on budget, you can use your camera phone and edit it easily using photo editing apps on your smartphone.

Put Social Media Icons at Prominent Location

We understand how important social media is for your company. You update the latest news regarding your products or events held by your company using your official social media in order to engage more with your customer. You are also thirsty for followers too. However, don’t be too obvious or it will turn out the opposite. It’s okay if you want to put social media icons on your website, but consider putting it at more less prominent location, either at the bottom or on the left/right side of your site.

Company Email Link

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E-mail is one of the best ways to communicate better with your customers, but if you setting the e-mail with a direct link to Mail program, and if the program is not configured by customer’s device, it will be troublesome for them. Do you want to leave your customer copy your e-mail address and paste it into their Gmail? Don’t let your customer endeavors that tedious process. Instead, you can create a simple instant messaging on your site so that your customer can simply type what they want to ask or order and click ‘send’ button without further steps.

Autoplay Music

autoplay music | 41studio

When you open a site and suddenly an unknown music suddenly blasts in your ears, you will quickly close the site and grumble (and don’t ever think that they will come back to your site for the second time) because it’s very annoying and jump scare-like! Adding automatic music tracks on your web page is definitely a no-no. Moreover, you will force them to use their data to hear a music that they don’t want to hear at the first place. You don’t want your customer to lose all their Internet quota, do you?

Are we missing other scrubby web elements? Let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

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