These Are Four Company Categories that Should Use Ruby on Rails

These Are Four Company Categories that Should Use Ruby on Rails

There’s a question about which language and framework suits best for companies using websites to sell their products, or a system to manage your corporation’s database. Ruby on Rails might be the answer. RoR is in the hype right now due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Twitter, Goodreads, Bloomberg, Hulu, Slideshare, AskFM, are top sites that used Ruby on Rails as their web application framework. No wonder, Ruby on Rails is the best option for those who want to create a friendly, sales-oriented websites.

However, if you’re still unsure whether you should choose Ruby on Rails, we have made four company categories that we suggest as a solution for you and your company. Whether you are start-ups, middle companies, or large-multinational companies, if your company’s site fits into one or more than the categories, then Rails suits you the best!

1. Content Management System

If your website involves content creation, uploading, and management content, Ruby on Rails would be the best option. With RoR, you can upload and present tremendously amount of articles, photos, audio files, or videos. WordPress, Ghost, and Jekyll are website examples using content management system online.

2. Membership Sites

You need a variation of plugins to elevate your site and to engage more membership and social networking, but using PHP will be an obsolete choice and using Rails will be much lessen your headache. RoR would suits with membership sites such as membership sites for online courses, online communities, etc.

3. Custom Database Management System

custom database management system | 41studio

Nowadays you need a custom database solutions to make your business more effective and efficient. Rails is the most adequate platform for this system as it can provide you with your corporation’s documents thingy. IBM, Panasonic, Energizer, and Singapore are examples of companies using custom database management system.

4. E-commerce Sites

Shopify is the best example of successful e-commerce site that used Ruby as its platform. No wonder, RoR provides a much faster development language as it allows developers to upgrade site functions as well as features on your website, such as custom price and product description, track costumer’s cart history, and add more photos.

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