These Are Five Facts about Web Designers

These Are Five Facts about Web Designers

What do people think about your job as a web designer?

  • It’s just drawing a bunch of pretty pictures, nothing more
  • It’s easy and literally everyone can do it
  • It just has to look good, don’t be too artsy

Before you’re going frustrated, we have made five facts about web designers and, hopefully, it will straightened out this misconception. As for people who misjudged web designers, we hope we can break the myths and picture web designers more in a right way.

1. Web designers are the best communicators

web design communication | 41studio
Ben Hunt once said, _“design is the creation of a new solution to a problem. Web design is the creation of communication to solve a problem. The better communication, the better the design.”_This quote pretty much true because this is what actually web designer does. It’s not all about how to make the site looks pretty and artsy, but in fact, it’s about how you to make your client’s site as communicative as possible to users. That’s why web designers are the best decipher of people’s liking and disliking.

2. Web designers love challenges

Don’t ever think client will satisfied with your design on the first try. There will be dozens of revisions! But that’s the reason why web designers love their job: the challenge to make the client satisfied. That’s why web designers usually use different A/B tools. These tools provide web designers to test changes between the previous design to the upgraded one and can determine which ones is the best. See, we are full of dedicated people!

3. Client is web designers’ creativity and inspiration

web designer creativity and inspiration | 41studio
Again similar to point number one, the web designer’s priority is clients’ satisfaction. As web developers, you have to think the way your clients and users think, even though they’re not actually understand about the Internet and web design. But, again, it’s a challenge! It will take some time to understand what non-design clients want, but practice makes perfect!

4. Web designers see more colors than other people

color | 41studioCall them color schemes guru, as they know more colors than other people do. For example, when regular people mention the color as blue, web designers may specify the color as baby blue, blue green, blue violet, or light blue. No wonder, it’s the skill needed to make a great web design because each colors has a different psychological effect to the users.

5. Web designers are dedicated to their job

Web designers love their job very much! They will talk about it for hours with their friends. They also never hesitate to take their job home.

41studio is also a bunch of web designers too! With our creativity and dedication, our clients’ satisfactions become our top priority. Look out our products here!

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