Hendra Nicholas I am a software engineer, consultant and CEO at 41studio currently living in West Java, Indonesia. My interests range from programming to sport. I am also interested in entrepreneurship, technology, and design.

These are 5 Latest Django or Python Developer Jobs in Indonesia

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We have round up a bundle of Python job vacancies from reputable companies just for you! Don’t forget to look at the requirements before applying!

1. Python Developer at Livit

Looking for a full-time Python Developer job at a multinational company in one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia? This job might suit you! Livit is an Indonesia (Bali and Bandung), Denmark and Hong Kong based tech startup which focuses on B2B software solutions, online services, and several edutainment games and simulations. Many reputable universities have been using Livit’s products, such as Stanford University, UC Berkeley, The Technical University of Denmark, and Hong Kong University.
Work Location: Bali
Requirements: At least 2 years of experience in Python development, Django web framework (HTML5/CSS advance is a plus), familiar with Git version control, fluent in both spoken and written in English
Job Description:  You will be asked to build online 3D education solutions, by leveraging the most cutting edge technologies such as Oculus Rift, artificial intelligence, adaptive learning, Open EdX, Kinect and face, body and emotion tracking systems. You will also need to design back-end and front-end architecture of middle-sized web applications.

2. Senior Python Developer at Accelbyte Inc

Accelbyte Inc is another multi-national company that has a major office in the USA. This company is a software company that focuses on developing, deploying and operating highly qualified products. They have experiences in game publishing, online game features, web application development, continuous integration & delivery, big data analytics & business intelligence and infrastructure design & integration.
Work Location: Yogyakarta
Requirements: Minimum 5 years of experience in Python, have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience. They are looking for a Python developer who has strong computer science and engineering background as well as comfortable working under tight deadlines.
Job Description: You will be working with clients in designing, advising and building Python applications. Several business travels are needed in order to meet clients.

3. Data Engineer at Traveloka

One of the biggest startups in Indonesia is looking for a data engineer who experts in Python! For those who don’t know Traveloka, this company is the leading of web-based flight and hotel booking in Southeast Asia. Founded by ex-Silicon Valley engineers in 2012, Traveloka is currently operating in six countries.
Work Location: Jakarta
Requirements: Have an experience working with data infrastructure, familiar with big data infrastructure (e.g. Kafka, Spark, etc.), cloud based infrastructure, varying databases and security concerns. The person who is familiar with Java/JVM and Python.
Job Description: You will be assigned to design, build, and maintain Traveloka’s growing big data platform.

4. Python Developer at Sinarmas Multifinance

Sinarmas Multifinance is a leasing company based in Jakarta, Indonesia with Sinar Mas as its parent company. Founded in 1985, this company has more than 80 branches in all over Indonesia. By the end of 2012, they have more than 7000 employees and 300 outlets.
Work Location: Jakarta
Requirements: a Bachelor of Computer Science, IT, or Technique with minimum GPA 2.75, at least 2 years of experience in Python (fresh-graduate are welcome to apply), have a knowledge of Python Development Tools (IDE) such as Atom, SublimeText, Visual Source Code or PyCharm, have made a Python-based crawler.
Job Description: You’ll be assigned to create a reusable, reliable, testable, efficient Python program based on design. The company hopes you able to identify any Bottlenecks and Bugs.

5. Python Developer at Lokal101

Another job opportunity in Yogyakarta for you, Python-ers! Lokal101 is an app that provides its users to search and share information about interesting and recommended local destinations in Indonesia. Aiming to leverage Indonesia’s tourism, you can download the mobile app on Google Play.
Work Location: Yogyakarta
Requirements: Have an experience in developing code using Python at least one year and building application using REST, have a strong knowledge in REST, API, Web Service. A person who is an eager self-learner and able to work in both individual and team.
Job Description: You’ll be assigned to build REST application using Flask, create automated testing and script to automate deployment and network monitoring.
Salary Range: IDR 3,000,000 – 5,000,000

Hendra Nicholas I am a software engineer, consultant and CEO at 41studio currently living in West Java, Indonesia. My interests range from programming to sport. I am also interested in entrepreneurship, technology, and design.