These Are 5 Famous Startups which Built Their Webs and Apps with Django

These Are 5 Famous Startups which Built Their Webs and Apps with Django

According to Cakctus Group, using Django is absolutely not boring because it requires reading every single commit merged in order to see if it adds a new feature that developer can use and also make sure it won’t break developer’s project. Both we and Caktus Group believe that Django is developing each day and will surely become one of the most-used web frameworks in the future.

Let’s break the stigma because there ARE famous sites that built with Django!

1. Disqus

This site is probably the most famous blog comment hosting in this universe. Launched in 2007 by Daniel Ha and Jason Yan, Disqus provide its millions of users for networking and engaging with many communities all around the world. Disqus is a prove that using Django as web framework is a right choice because it can handle web traffic for many users!

2. Pinterest

People often use Pinterest to find inspiration for their watercolor illustration or what kind of hairstyle suits for prom night. However, who knows that this awesome website is built with Django? With more than 70 million users and 33 million unique visitors, Pinterest must be dealing with super busy web traffic or mobile app usage. However, Django wipes the problem off of this site. This site is the best example of how amazing Django is!

3. Instagram

We bet you have Instagram (because we do). It has become a platform for people to show off your activities, what you eat for breakfast, or what kind of outfit you’re wearing through pictures or videos. Instagram also has a reputation for making nobody to somebody! Have you ever heard term “Celebgram”? Well, they should thank Instagram for making them famous today!
Since launched in 2010, Instagram has gained 700 million registered users as well as 40 billion photos uploaded. With so many users and data, Instagram has made a right choice to choose Django.

4. Mozilla Firefox

Who doesn’t know Mozilla? It’s the second most popular website in the world!
Mozilla used Django for their help page as well as We think this site is one of the best examples for a website that built with Django and, please, don’t ask us how much people use Mozilla because it’s literally everyone, including us!

5. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a web-based social network where people can plan, promote, sell tickets and publish them to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social-networking tools. After receiving more than 200 million funding, this site has thrived into one of the most trusted platforms for event organizers to promote events successfully, and Eventbrite has trusted Django to be the web framework. Well done, Eventbrite!

We are curious about other startups who use Django as their web framework for their websites and mobile apps. Why don’t you resolve our curiosity by telling us in the comment section below?

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