These Are 5 Famous Python Sites

These Are 5 Famous Python Sites

No surprise, there are several of the leading world’s websites that rely on Python. It’s a dynamic language that can handle lots of pages and data.

As we previously made the article about famous sites build with Django, now it’s time for you to know the most famous sites in this universe that has used Python as its programming language.

1. Youtube

What is the site you will visit if you want to watch the trailer of your favorite movies or your favorite bands’ MV? It’s obviously Youtube!
Number two on the list of world’s most popular websites (after Google), Youtube uses Python language on top of the Django web framework. Python is well-known for its clean code, powerfulness, and reliability. With uncountable people visit this site every second, it’s important to choose a powerful programming language and Youtube has chosen Python wisely!

2. DropBox

Founded in 2007, Dropbox is a file hosting service based in San Francisco, California. It offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. As one of the leading websites for cloud storage, Dropbox has relied on the power of Python.

3. Survey Monkey

Similar to Quora, Survey Monkey is an online survey website that allows its users to create a survey, ask a question, and get the answer from other users. Written in NET and Python, this site can receive more than 90 million survey responses per month.

4. Google

Who has ever thought that the most-used search engine in this universe used Python as its language program? We won’t tell you how many people have visited this site or how good Google is, but we can assure you that Python is a reliable and strong language for handling users who need to know anything from this awesome site!

5. Reddit

Reddit is an American-based social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Every user can post an article or direct links and they also can vote up or down based on the quality of the content and the most-voted post will appear on the first page. A variety of discussions is available for you to mingle and discuss, such as news, science, food, gaming, movies, books, music, lifestyle, and many others. In 2017, Reddit has 542 million visitors per month and this site has relied upon Python for its performances.

What do you think of our list? Tell us if there are more awesome sites that use Python as well!

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