These Are 5 Famous Mobile Apps in Indonesia

These Are 5 Famous Mobile Apps in Indonesia

According to a research in 2014, 34 percent of the 180 million mobile phone users in Indonesia owned a smartphone. This huge number is still growing and it becomes a huge opportunity to promote or sell mobile apps to the country. However, you need to know what kind of mobile apps that Indonesian people most likely to be downloaded.

In this article, we made the top five mobile application in Indonesia only as a big picture of what kind of mobile app that most likely to be successful and downloaded.

WhatsApp Messenger

Established in 2009, WhatsApp might be just one of the instant messaging apps in this universe, But, it constantly improving and this year, the company announced it has reached one billion daily active users from both desktop and mobile. This success has made WhatsApp as one of the most dominant one.
According to report from Indonesian telco XL Axiata in 2014, Whatsapp accounts more than 79 percent of its customers’ daily chat app usage. No one can guarantee the company’s success in the future, but seems like WhatsApp’s target to be the number one in Indonesia will be coming true in a short amount of time.

Facebook Lite

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You can call Facebook Lite as “a little brother” of Facebook. This app is pretty much same with Facebook, only lighter and suitable for low-power Android devices or 2G networks. This reduced version of the Facebook app is surprisingly popular, as it reached 200 million users from all over the world.
As to why Facebook Lite becomes popular among Indonesian users are because of more than 70 percent of Indonesian smartphone users are still using 2G connection. Moreover, Indonesian users mostly have a little amount of RAM on their smartphone. Hence, Facebook Lite is their solution to keep connected and engaged with their social life without using too much data storage, RAM, or rapid Internet connection.


Photo sharing application, Instagram, is the next one on the list of the 5 top apps in Indonesia. With more than 45 million active Indonesian users every month in 2017 (user growth increased more than 100 percent compared to last year), this application becomes one of the most favored social media platforms for Indonesians. According to Facebook Indonesia’s country director, Sri Widowati, Indonesia loves sharing their moments to their friends, with ‘Instagram Story’ as the most used feature. However, as many people love using Instagram, some of them hates it. A research conducted by The Royal Society for Public Health and the charity Young Health Movement in 2017 revealed that Instagram was listed as having the most negative effect for the users. Even though there are pros and cons, Instagram still has increasing users and plenty room to grow.


line | 41studio

LINE is another instant messaging app that made it into the list. As the Japan-Korea instant messaging application, many Indonesians love to use the app because of promotional or discount programs offered by LINE. Furthermore, many celebrities create official accounts on LINE to communicate with their fans.
LINE’s strategy to engage Indonesian people is no joke. Using local culture approach, they made a 10 minute Youtube video in 2014, revealing a mini-story of two teen lovers from one of the most favored romantic movie reunited again using LINE when they’re in their thirties. It became the most successful marketing campaign made by LINE to attract Indonesian youngster, as up to right now, this app reached 30 million users from Indonesia only.


youtube | 41studio

You constantly watch Youtube, so does your brother, sister, and your parents. Nowadays, people from every generation watch Youtube, either for entertainment or educational purpose, including Indonesia. Apart from people’s interest in moving object (videos, movies, etc), Youtube is the video-sharing website up to right now. In Indonesia only in 2016, this website is the most popular social media app for smartphone users.

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