These 5 Sites Are The Best Sources to Learn Laravel

These 5 Sites Are The Best Sources to Learn Laravel


Worry no more! We have made five sources to learn Laravel for developers. Before we jump into the list, we tell you beforehand that Laravel is one of the most popular language program in this universe these recent years, so we encourage you to learn Laravel right away because it is beneficial for your future endeavours as a developer.  
Feel encouraged enough? If you say "Yes!", don't waste your time and start to learn Laravel through this sites below.


Code Bright by Dayle Rees


Let's started with the diva amongst dozens of Laravel tutorials that spread on the Internet. Code Bright may be a mere e-book, or so what you think. Written by Dayle Ress in his spare time, this book is the best source to learn Laravel, ranging from beginners to experienced developers. Dayle wrote it in a funny, witty, informal style of writing, but it is both entertaining and enlighting at the same time!  
Even though it's free, but buy the book for $29 won't suddenly make you broke. Consider it as your way to say thanks for Dayle's excellent job to make you a better developer!




What it feels like to watch a video tutorial with lots of diagrams and bullet lists for more than 10 minutes? Maybe you will yawn, or ask yourself, "Gosh, what have I done with my life, wasting it by watching this boring tuto" etc etc. You feel bored and want to stop watching, but if where else you can learn Laravel?  
Brush the old-fashioned way of learning away because Laracasts is here to save the day! Launched in 2013 by one of the most important key person in Laravel community, Jeffery Way, Laracasts has gained popularity with his one of the kind tutorials that has been receiving praises from developers. Call it innovation, or maybe a genius breakthrough, as Jeffery only provide video tutorial with only his voice and sublime. It's easy to learn and follow from beginners, intermediate, and expert developers!




Learning Laravel will be an exciting journey in Treehouse!  
With Hampton Paulk as the teacher, you can watch course videos divided into eight sections with each of them consist of steps to conquer. Also, learning through Treehouse won't get you bored because there will be a quiz in each section to test your understanding. Other than previously mentioned, Treehouse also provides interactive videos, suitable downloads, and notes from Hampton as your teacher.




Although it's not a website to learn solely on Laravel, Eduonix also provides developers who want to learn about Laravel as well! With over than 70 lectures and 10 hours of content, this site guarantee you to be a developer with high-skilled in Laravel! Also, if you complete the course, you will get a certificate of completion (you can show it off on you Linkedin profile, right?)




Last but not least, Documentation is the must-visited site to learn Laravel. With concise and simple layout, it won't make you confused or hurt your eyes to look at the tutorials. Everything is well documented and comprehensive data, making it one of the favorite sites among developers.


Which sites have you ever visited and which one is your favorite? Share your opinion below!



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