The Ultimate Guide To Web Optimization

The Ultimate Guide To Web Optimization

We will discuss about how to optimizing a website, let’s see the explanation below. There are some tips that you can follow :

Web Optimization

Web Optimization is important in web development and maintenance, but this is often ignored by web developers. Web optimization can help you in increasing the number of readers. If you do not currently optimize your website or blog, you can use the list to optimize your website.

How To Optimization : Server-side

1. Choose a decent Web Host

Hosting account is foundation and security for your website as accessibility (cPanel, FTP, SSH), server stability, prices and all important roles.

2. Host Assets Separately

Assets is web components like image and static scripts and don’t require server side processing. Host assets when the blog was having a lot of traffic.

3. Compression with GZip

Gzip is one the best to do this and it various according to the type of servers you are ysing.

4. Minimize Redirects

Webmasters do URL redirect all the time. Redirect create an additional HTPP request and RTT (Round-trip-time).

Optimization : The Assets

1. Merge Multiple Javascripts into One

You can combine multiple Javascripts like :

2. Compress Javascript & CSS

Minify is a PHP5 application that can combine several CSS and Javascript files. You can manually compress your Javascripts and CSS files online, this recomended for you :

  • compressor.ebiene (Javascript, CSS)

  • (Javascript)

  • (Javascript)

  • CleanCSS (CSS)

  • CSS Optimizer (CSS)

3. Customize Header/Cachong

You can use expiry header, your web components like images static files, CSS, Javascript. Bandwidth needed and definetely help the page faster.

4. Handling Web Images

Images important part for your website. Images not properly optimeze and the can become a burden and end up utilizing unpredictably large amount of bandwidths.

5. Handling CSS

The new website uses CSS for the foundation style. Its not only CSS can gives great flexibility to changes.

That was tips on how to optimize the website. In our development, we are always make sure that website we are created always optimized. If you want to learn other science about technology, problem solving, engginering software you can visit our blog at there will be lots of knowledge that we will share for you all.

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