The Newest Ruby on Rails Jobs in Indonesia

The Newest Ruby on Rails Jobs in Indonesia

Are you familiar with the Ruby code? Or are you good enough in understanding and writing that code? You prefer showing your skill to these companies as they are looking for the Ruby on Rails developer. Interested? Let’s know more!

1. Wonderlabs

Wonderlabs is software development company which has the specialize their ability to help each entrepreneur in creating and publishing the product in a limit time. This company is located in Yogyakarta and now Wonderlabs urgently needs the software engineer for becoming to Ruby on Rails developer. Moreover, this company has rapidly cooperated with several countries such as Singapore, Silicon Walley and Hong Kong.
This company is looking for the professional developer with four years experience and who is proficient in web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL and Postgres SQL. In addition, you should have an experience in writing and reading the code of Ruby, common libraries like Resque and Rspec.

Work Location: Yogyakarta

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: Negotiable

2. Harukaedu

Harukaedu is one of software companies in Indonesia which focuses on educational software industry. Established in 2013, this company is created to help each student in learning via online. This can be beneficial for them to get the bright future. The thing that you have to is that they need the responsible Ruby on Rails developer who has the strong knowledge in Ruby on Rails, Rspec and Git. Moreover, you should can create the database which portrays the business process of this company.

Work Location: Jakarta

Job Type: Full Time

Responsibility: When working in this company, you are responsible for designing, creating and handling the code of Ruby especially in maintaining the code quality and organization.

Salary: Negotiable

3. Dploy Asia

Located in Yogyakarta, Dploy Asia is the company which focuses on providing the good solution for each company which would like to build a committed offshore team. Also, this company will offer the best solution for each your company problem.

Responsibility: You are demanded to design, build and maintain all of Ruby code. Also, you’re responsible to resolve the problem of data storage.

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: Negotiable

4. Clapping Ape

Clapping Ape | ruby on rails jobs in Indonesia | 41studio ruby on rails company

Clapping Ape is a software company which provides a lot of digital services. They relate to web and app development, UI/UX, TDD and pair programming, debugging, monitoring, and inventive strategy.

Requirements: This company is looking for Ror developer who is good enough in understanding templating language such as Liquid, Slim, Sass and the front end technologies like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. You also should be experienced in MVC, Mocking, ORM, RESTful, Git, Mercurial and SVN.

Responsibility: You are going to building and developing the Ruby code for resolving any kind of device problem.

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: Negotiable

5. Indomedia Kreasi

Indomedia Kreasi | ruby on rails jobs in Indonesia | 41studio ruby on rails company

CV Indomedia Kreasi is the IT company which is located at Jl. Kencana No.1, Malabar, Lengkong, Bandung. This company offers any kind services centered in General Trade, Supplier, Fiber Optic Networking and IT Consultant.

Requirements: They need the passionate Ror developer who has an experience at least two years, familiar with Ajax, XML, XHTML, CSS, Linux and GIT.

Responsibilty: If you’re qualified, you are responsible for handling any kind of the company’s need by using the Ruby code.

41studio is also looking for Ruby on Rails developer. Therefore, if you’re interested in working with us, don’t hesitate to apply! Click here for knowing the detail qualification.

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