The Most Used Package in Laravel Projects

Laravel is known for easy to use frameworks and many choices for library, Of course, there are some great libraries that area available that you can use while developing using Laravel

1. Debugbar

Laravel Debugbar is a quick and easy package to keep an eye on your applications during development. You can install it by visiting their repo at Laravel-Debugbar

2. IDE Helper

This package generates a file that is understood by the IDE, the generation that is done based on the file in your project so it will always be up to date. You can install by visiting the repository page at Laravel Idea Helper

3. Guzzle

Guzzle is an HTTP and PHP client that can facilitate the sending as well as HTTP requests to be combined with the web service. You can install using composer by following the guide at Laravel Guzzle

4. Spatie Backup

This Laravel package creates an app backup. The backup is a zip file containing all the files in the specified directory. You can check Laravel Backup for more details

5. The Laravel Collective

Laravel Collective is a community organization designed to retain deleted components. You can check this at Laravel Collective

6. Socialite

Laravel Socialite provides an expressive interface in the form of authentication with Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub and Bitbucket. Socialite is created by official Laravel developer and you can install it by visiting this repo Laravel Socialite

7. Laravel Fractal

This package provides a nice and easy wrapping around the fractal used in your Laravel App.

That is explanation information about The most used package in Laravel Projects. If you want to know information about a mobile app, system app and other technologies visit our blog at

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