The Five Delicious Snacks in Bandung that Will Melt in Your Mouth

The Five Delicious Snacks in Bandung that Will Melt in Your Mouth

What Do You Usually Do When You Spend Your Weekend in Bandung? Other than shopping and visiting many beautiful places, you will also hunt Bandung’s delicious foods to satisfy your taste buds. However, not every restaurant or coffee shop are fit into your budget. So, why don’t you look for delicious snacks in Bandung as an alternative ?

We’ve picked the five most delicious snacks in Bandung for you to enjoy. It ranges from fried potato, cakes, until fried-crackers! Are you ready to find out ?

1. Perkedel Bondon

For those who visit Bandung by train, it’s your chance to taste one of the best midnight snacks in Bandung. Located at Kebon Jati street (near Bandung Station or Hall Station), Perkedel Bondon will make your mouth water once you munch it with only 2.000 IDR each. The crunchiness combines with its smoothly mashed potato will make you want more, plus it is cooked with charcoal so it will leave a unique taste.

Our tips : Coming early before the shop opens (11:00 PM) will be wise, considering many people queuing to buy this legendary food.

2. Seblak


For those who are still wondering, Seblak is (to be said) originally from Bandung and is currently getting hyped! For those who are still wondering, seblak is a bowl of crackers and fries and mixed with scrambled egg, noodles, sausage, meatball, and lots of spicy sauce. There are lots of places in Bandung who sell seblak, ranging from traditional street vendor on the roadside until restaurants with price starting from 8,000 IDR. We recommend you  eat seblak at Seblak Deut Tjenghar, Seblak Oces, and Seblak Pak Haris.

3. Kue Balok Cihapit

Kue Balok Cihapit

If you want to eat a snack to fill your stomach, Kue Balok would be the best choice. Located in Pasar Cihapit, Kue Balok is a traditional sweet warm cake, baked in charcoal, and has various toppings to suit your taste (chocolate, cheese, raisins, just mention it! Because this cake is made of flour and eggs, it can satisfy both your hunger and your mouth.

4. Dutch Cookies at Braga Permai

Kue Balok Cihapit

If you haven’t gone to Netherlands, it’s better to eat Dutch cookies at Braga Permai as a start! (kidding, but, yeah, just try this cookies because the taste is hella good. No joke.)

Opened in 1918, this restaurant keep maintaining the original taste of its cookies. You can find Ntbijtkoek, Gevulde Speculaas, Almond Speculaas, and Boter Staaf. These cookies’ price are about 30.000 – 60.000 IDR, a little bit pricey but you won’t regret it due to its original taste and durability up until one month in storage.

5. Kue Cubit

Kue Balok Cihapit

Have been popular since 2015, Kue Cubit from Bandung is a-must to eat snack in Bandung. Kue Cubit has the same ingredients and dressing as Kue Balok. The difference is Kue Cubit is lighter and sporadic than Kue Balok.

Kue Cubit comes in variety of flavours, starting from green tea, chocolate, cheese, until durian, and is mostly favoured served half-baked, because you can feel the dough melts in your mouth. You can find Kue Cubit in many street vendors all over Bandung, but we can recommend you  buy it in Cisangkuy.

Are there any delicious snacks in Bandung we don’t mention here? Let us know by commenting below!

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