The best sublime package for Front-end Developers

For you who are a web developer or are learning programming and aspire to become a web developer like the author himself would have been familiar with this one text editor.

Sublime is the most used text editor by Web Developer, it looks simple, easy to use and customized to make the developers feel at home using sublime as their text editor. In addition to sublime, there are many other popular text editors such as Atom, Notepad ++, Visual Studio Code, etc.

Sublime provides many packages to speed up the work of developers, now the author wants to share the best package for web development especially for Front-end Developers.

1. Package Control

Package Control

The first and most important plugin is Package Control. This makes it easy for us to download and update various packages / plugins as well as themes to sublime text. To install Package Control, you can just type ctrl + shift + p on Windows, and cmd + shift + p on Mac and select Install Package.

2. Emmet


Emmet is a plugin that allows writing HTML and CSS code faster using Snippets.

Snippets is a built-in feature of sublime text. How Snippets work is quite simple, you just type in keywords that have been set to enable Snippets, then press TAB to expand the text.

3. Alignment


You must be upset and lazy to see a messy line of code is not it ?, then you must install this one package, this package helps to sync several options easily. To use it you can just type ctrl + alt + a on Windows, or cmd + ctrl + a on Mac.

4. SidebarEnhancements


SidebarEnhancements is a package that provides additional helpful options to the sidebar, such as New File, New Folder, Open in Browser, Copy Name, Copy Path, etc. To see it more clearly you just right click on the mouse in the sidebar after installing this plugin as shown in the picture above.

5. GhostText


this is probably the coolest sublime package ever tried (after writing this article). This plugin allows you to connect sublime text editors to online text editors in browsers such as Codepen, jsfiddle, etc. So you do not need to write your code in the provided editor as in the codepen, you can write it in sublime text. You just need to install plugins and browser extensions, then just highlight the text you want to link and click the extension icon on the browser.

6. BracketHighlighter


BracketHighlighter, as the name implies this one package has a function to highlight various brackets in your code line, such as …. {…}, […], (…), “…”, ‘…’. The goal is that you can see where the beginning and end of the brackets are.

7. Gutter Color

Gutter Color

Gutter Color is a plugin that displays colored round icons on all lines of code containing colors, so you will not forget the color of the color code you have written in your code line.

That’s some sublime package that accompany authors in creating websites and I think is the best sublime package I’ve ever used. for you who have recommendation of other sublime package, please write in comment field.

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