The Advantages of Using Ruby on Rails

The Advantages of Using Ruby on Rails

In this modern era, the technology becomes a superstar which is always discussed by everyone in the world. It certainly attracts people attention. The presence of technology has given the new color in our life because it helps people in doing everything that they do. People have their awareness because the technology can develop the software which can make people’ job easier and more effective. One of ways is by using the popular software named Ruby on Rails. What is Ruby on Rails? According to Matthew, Rails can be defined as a tool which is often used by the web developers in developing and building websites and applications. It is supported by the programming language named Ruby. It is fact that Ruby on Rails is mostly used by several software development companies. They use Ruby on Rails as it has several advantages which can be useful to develop their business. Well, this article will inform you what they are. Let's get started!

1. It's Integrated by ORM


The first advantage is about ORM. What is ORM? ORM is an abbreviation from Object Relational Mapping. It is a way to connect the object to the database. ORM helps each developer in saving the object data, deleting and changing the object. Ruby on Rails has been integrated by ORM named ActiveRecord. It helps the developers conduct the any kind of questions to the database easily. For example, if we have the table and the model users, we just show it all the data from the table users by User.all.

2. It's Simple and Free

Simple and Free

The second advantage is about the simplicity. It is simple because many beginners and masters love using Ruby on Rails. They love it because Ruby on Rails is supported by the natural programming language which can read the syntax or scripting clearly. They also believe that it helps them in defending the coded application or page. Moreover, Ruby on Rails will never ask you to pay each framework because the framework in Ruby on Rails is free. Well, you can save your money right?

3. It's Open Source

Open source

The third advantage is about the source open. What is open source software? According to the website of Restava, open source is a way which is used by software development in supporting source code and allowing everyone to use, to change and to redistribute to another project. In another word, the source code can be developed by the web developers and also the companies.

4. It's Flexible


The fourth is flexibility. Ruby on Rails gives a chance for web developer to explore the several multiple programming features in Java, PHP, etc. The flexibility helps each developer in demoting any kind of coding requirements in order to develop a new page or applications. So, each developer can save their time.

5. It's Safe


The last is about the security. Ruby on Rails is safe it contains a feature which cannot be detected by the harmful attack from SQL injection and Cross site scripting in Java and PHP.

In conclusion, those advantages have given us a representation that the presence of Ruby on Rails can simplify each job. It can be proven that there are several companies which use it including 41studio.

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Source: 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Ruby on Rails

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