Steps to Make Your Company Goes Paperless

Steps to Make Your Company Goes Paperless

One of the ways to make your business flow effective and efficient is by turning your company into a paperless office. The meaning of paperless office is when your company is far less dependent on paper in terms of printing and storing documents. Instead of printing it into tons of papers, which is a waste of papers, and storing it into a storage room, which also use your already insufficient room in your office building, you should turn into a paperless office for greater advantages.  

As we know you can avoid using paper, it’s not hurt to reduce your paper usage for the future of your company’s efficiency. Hence, we have made a simple guidance to create a paperless office. Also, if you feel that we missed something, we encourage you to tell us in the comment section below. Let’s step up your game in tech business!

Track the number of papers used to print by your employees

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It would be easier to know how much paper that has been used by your employees by making a weekly or a monthly report. You can create a login system every time they print documents for you to be reviewed or you can simply install print server software Print Inspector for easier tracking. Using Print Inspector might be quite expensive for a small company, considering its price from $500 to $1000, but it can save more money for buying a myriad of papers, can’t it?

Reduce available printing machine in your office

Usually, the reason why many of your employees use papers to print documents is the easy access to the printer. If you put printers on each employee’s desk, the chance for printing is getting bigger. To avoid this issue, reduce the number of an available printing machine in your office. Use a single or couples of integrated printers at the central location instead of providing them with small printers on their desks.

Reuse your papers

You can apply the reuse-recycle method to minimize wasted papers in your office by providing a box to collect already worn papers that still can be used by other employees. Besides, why you should use a brand-new paper if the purpose of it just for reading or making sure there’s no issue on your proposal?

Encourage them to use editing and sharing documents online

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Rather than printing your files to be reviewed and discussed by your coworkers and reprinting it again if you have a revision, it would be a decent choice to use a document-editing software that available online. Take an example GoogleDocs. This application can give you access to upload, share, and edit documents at the same time. You can also share your files with your coworkers and they can also edit the file through the app.

Provide your office with proper equipment

In order to discourage your employees from using too many papers, you should provide them with alternative equipment. You can start to setting multi-monitors (up to two or three) for each employee so that they can cross-reference between each file without needing to print one of the documents. As a result, your employees can work faster and more time will spend for more tasks.

Use a file storage software

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Last, but surely not least, providing a certain space in your office for storage your paper-based documents might be not the best idea, especially if the building your company currently resides is a small one. Why don’t you use a file storage software to solve the issue? There are couples of high-qualified cloud-based online file storage and document management software that you can use for free. For instance, Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega, or iCloud if you use operating system (OS) iOS. Those free file storage softwares can give you many advantages, such as creating folders, uploading documents, photos, videos with more than 50 GB of free cloud storage to use.

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