Skill that must be owned by Web design

Skill that must be owned by Web design

On this occasion we will discuss about what skills should be possessed by a Web Design?

Designing a good website must necessarily require special ignition, attractive appearance in a web become the main attraction for its users. The first thing seen by the audience when opening a web is see how it looks, is it eye catching or not?, then if you are interested in working as a Web Designer, and you are interested to learn it, you must have skill below :




The first skill a web designer must have is the ability to use and understand HTML. HTML becomes an important tool in web designing. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language is the foundation in creating a website.


2. CSS


The second skill is a special skill that web designers and Front-end Developers must have. Front-end Developer who understand CSS will be able to create an app that can be more interactive and more attractive. CSS is studied together with HTML because the two languages ​​are a combination to build the structure and style of each web page.


3. Sense of Design


A web design must have a sense in designing and understanding the design elements as well as principles in designing basic as well as typography such as how to describe, color composition, layout and others.


4. Javascript And AJAX


Javascript are an important element in a website and developers must understand JavaScript to make website more interactive. Javascript is one of three layers of web design, beside using HTML and CSS. The developers must study Javascript because it plays an important role in many web and web applications today.


5. PHP, ASP, Java, Perl, or C ++


Web creators should at least understand at least two programming languages, for integration from Design to Code. PHP is an one of many open source language that is currently widely used by website developers. Other than that the web makers can try to learn other programming languages ​​namely: ASP, Java, Perl or C++.


6. Mobile Support


In creating a website, Designer must support a wide range of devices built in multiple devices a.k.a Responsive Web Development. Designers should be able to build sites of various sizes, not just websites but they should be developed in a mobile app as this will attract a world that can open a website in two versions at a time.


7. Customer Service Skills


In addition to astute in making the website technically. A Web design must have the ability to communicate with others in terms of presenting design ideas and managing good relationships with costumer.


8. SEO


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization ie search engine and useful for anyone who build a website. SEO is influential in the search engines because the content contained in a website will indbound links to the original website. Developers should take note of how to create a site that attracts search engines.


9. Web Server Admninistration


As a web designer you should be able to help solve problems and create a site that works well. The web developer must be able to communicate with the server admin and must learn about the server.


10. Project Management


Project management skills help you get rid of projects properly, stay on track, and make sure the project works. Web designers and web developers will benefit from knowing project management.

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