Simple Tips For Improving Web Design

Simple Tips For Improving Web Design

On today’s occasion we will not discuss about theory, but we will share tips on how to Improving Web Design.

For Improving Web Design, you can refer to the following tips :



1. Have a Polished, Professional Logo



Having a professional logo is an important part of your brand, make sure you can create a prominent logo on your site.



2. Use Intuitive Navigation



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Choosing the main navigation is usually propagated through the horizontal panel at the top of a site. Use intuitive navigation because it can get people to stop on a page to try to figure it out.



3. Get Rid of Clutter



Avoid a difficulty in processing an information and make sure a page does not compete in doing an action and clutter visually.



4. Give Visitor Breathing



Provide enough space between paragraphs and images so that visitors can more easily absorb all the information that is on your site.



5. Use Color Strategically



Use color that is majority neutral so it can display elegant, clean and modern look.



6. Invest in Good, Professional Photography



If you want to draw attention to the content you create, we encourage you to work with a professional photographer to meet your photo needs.



7. Choose Fonts That are Easy to Read Across Devices and Browsers



Choose a letter that is easy to read across devices and browsers and you should remember that people will see your site not just on a computer device but on a mobile device.



8. Design Every Page As a Landing Page



The website has a design that assumes the user enters via the homepage and navigates to a site.



9. Use Responsive Design



Use responsive design to automatically adjust how a site is viewed and adjust to the size of the browser.



10. Test Your Design



You try different placements for calls to action or even test different color shades, website optimization can have a big impact on your bottom line


By following these tips, we hope your Web Design can be improved, and make your website more easy to use for the customers. That was the tips in making web design. Do you want to learn other tips other than this? Don’t forget to leave a comment below and visit our website at

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