Ruby on Rails Community in Indonesia

Ruby on Rails Community in Indonesia

Clearly not, because there is ruby on rails community that exists in Indonesia! If you’re a big fan of Ruby on Rails, don’t ever hesitate to join id-ruby!

Indonesian Ruby Community or id-ruby is a community for Ruby users in Indonesia that based in Jakarta. Established in July 2013, id-ruby has become to be the biggest Ruby on Rails community in Indonesia. With more than 600 members, id-Ruby is the most active community for Ruby on Rails’ number one fans!

No one has ever imagined that the biggest ruby on rails developers in Indonesia started from just a mere Yahoo mailing list group by Giovanni Sakti, Didik Wicaksono, Reydi Sutandang, and Taufiq Muhammadi. However, due to the founders’ passion and determination to share insight and knowledge as well as RoR as an increasing trend in 2010s, the community attracted many developers to join.

Nowadays, id-ruby has more actively engaged in Slack group with more than 300 active members. They also take attention to face to face communication as they created scheduled to meet up at least once a month in a cozy place with Wifi and food & drinks (they have pizza!). The meet up itself is filled with up to four presentations and free time for attendees to discuss the latest information about RoR, such as demos, hacks, and much more.

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id-ruby has pledged its name as a reputable community as they’ve got sponsors from many prestigious companies. For instance, Midtrans, SatuTempat, Wego, Virkea Empresa Sistema, Cookpad Indonesia, and Quipper. They’re also trusted to become an official community partner for upcoming event titled Product Development Conference 2017 (PDC’17) by Tech in Asia in Jakarta this August!

As famous as they are, id-ruby is still a friendly-humble community which keep their primary goal get done: to share insight and knowledge to fellow Ruby on Rails developers in Indonesia.

Keep moving forward, id-ruby! 😉

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