Native vs React Native, What You Should Choose?

Native vs React Native, What You Should Choose?


Native vs React Native, What You Should Choose?

As an apprentice level mobile app developer, there will always be doubt whether to develop using native language and its tool or using React Native. A developer focusing on mobile app should learn from various approaches regarding this issue. There are different opinions stating that you should use either one. First, let’s talk about what is native and React native.

A native application is made for specific platform. For example, Android and iOS. A native application developed for Android platform cannot be used on iOS, and vice versa. On the other hand, React native application is developed using Javascript, but resulting in native application. An application developed using React native can be used on Android and iOS, so there is no need to make two applications.

So what is the pros and cons of using native or React native? Read on!


1. API Access

API Access | native | 41studio

You can access all of APIs functionality and there’s no restrictions or dependencies other than those of native environment.

2. Third Party Library

Third Party Library | native | 41studio

There are many third party library to choose and many community out there offering help and resources to improve development process.

3. Good To Know

While you can develop apps through other frameworks, some functionality cannot be done unless on a native framework. Therefore knowing native language is necessary.

4. Long-Term Aspects

Long-Term Aspects | native | 41studio

Sticking to native environment can be considered the safest option when we talk about long term. There may be changes, but it’s often backwards compatible.

5. Strict Languages

Native languages for Android and iOS are called strict language and made to detect errors easier and we can distinguish one language from another.


1. You Have To Develop Two Application

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One big disadvantage when developing application using native is that it’s designed for specific platform. Meaning that if you want to develop application using native for Android and iOS, you have to build two application. Unfortunately, these two application will have big difference and no code can be shared between them.


1. One Code Base

One Code Base | native | 41studio

With React native, you can make one application for both Android and iOS platform. The advantage is that there is no need to learn two different languages and platform.

2. Time

Time used when developing mobile app from start to market introduction is shorter due to the fact that only one application has to be developed.

3. Web Concept

Web Concept | native | 41studio
Since React native is using Javascript (which is used in web development), it’s easier for web developer to do transition when they’re going to do a mobile application development.

4. Open Source

Open Source | native | 41studio
As it is open source, React Native comes with the opportunity to inspect the code. This can be helpful when understanding and improving framework by fixing or adding features.


1. Do Not Support All APIs

Do Not Support All APIs | native | 41studio

React Native support most used APIs, but sometimes there is a need to access other APIs or functionality, but React native cannot access all of it.

2. Third Party Library

Third Party Library | native | 41studio
React Native has a relatively smaller community than native, and also less third party libraries.

3. Long-Term Aspects

Long-Term Aspects | native | 41studio
There is an uncertainty concerning the long-term support for React Native. Facebook could one day decide to stop updating the framework or the native platform could make changes that are hard to follow.


If you’re tight on budget and time, and need a rather simple application without complex functionality, React native has its advantages. On the other hand, Native is the preferred choice in most other cases. Having knowledge in the native language and the native APIs is needed when developing in React Native as well. This means that if you are a beginner it is strongly recommended to start by developing a native application.


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