Mobile Web Development Pitfalls

Mobile Web Development Pitfalls

When you will make mobile apps you can attempt document can help you to build great mobile web apps.

1. Emulator = Simulator = Device

Simulators and emulators behave fairly different compared to the actual device such as feature, not same rendering glitches, performance is better that actual device, network stack works completely differences and simulator are bigger on screen and using a mouse for input.

2. Performance Difference To PC Is Not Linear

GPU is highly specialized for certain tasks and the mobile browser has direct optimization for things. GPU related task and overestimate.


  1. Performance debugging is hard
    Web developers will develop features after through emulation or simulation on their laptops test on the device. Debugging performance of web app retroactively is insanely hard and will cost a lot of time energy.


  3. Load time by cell connections
    The 3G data plan is a hassle to setup if you need to test for devices and don't play that well with local internet. Cellular connections are not only slower on averages but have a much longer required activation time.


  5. Simple Features, Higher maintenance costs

Mobile website and app will be stripped down version full product. Many features a lot less complex during project planning and some features are simpler, maintenance an order of magnitude more complex costly and time-consuming.

3. Multi-Device UX is a Much Harder Problem

Multi-device development is developers tend to finish cross-device code much quicker than they thought, web designers and UX engineers will take a lot more time than originally estimated. UI is fluid and scales across the continue of a device is be solved a problem and never be underestimated.

That was Mobile Web Development Pitfalls. If you want to learn other science about technology, problem-solving, engineering software you can visit our blog at because there will be lots of knowledge that we will share with you all.

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